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Published:August 5th, 2011 13:50 EST

Bless Buddha: Buddhists Buy And Set Free Bunch Of Lobsters

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The 30 Buddhists of all ages trekked to this northern Massachusetts fishing hub to buy 600 pounds of lobster from a seafood wholesaler and save the critters from imminent death.

The lobster liberation was scheduled for August 3, which is Wheel Turning Day on this year`s Tibetan lunar calendar, the anniversary of the first sermon Buddha taught. On this holiday, the merit for positive actions is multiplied many times."



As a free thinker I despise all organized religions, but I find Buddhism the least objectionable faith.

Buddhists don`t plaster their vehicles with bumper stickers advertising their religion: Honk if you love Buddha! Buddha has more bounce to the ounce!

Buddhists don`t strap on suicide belts and blow up airplanes or nightclubs in the name of enlightenment and world peace.

Buddhists don`t warn you that if you don`t convert to Buddhism you will be reincarnated as a constipated monkey.

Buddhists don`t burn down seafood restaurants in the name of animal rights

The peace-loving Buddhists bought hundreds of live lobsters and set them free.

Their simple act speaks volumes.

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