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Published:August 5th, 2011 15:12 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Karen Sala, Author of Relationship Purgatory, for Two

Judyth Piazza interviews Karen Sala, Author of Relationship Purgatory, for Two

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

`Relationship Purgatory, for Two` by Karen Sala works to inspire singles, dating and married couples in order to achieve understanding and grow closer through relationship discoveries.

`Relationship Purgatory, for Two` by Karen Sala (ISBN: 1450585477) seeks to inform couples on how to identify and avoid common pitfalls that can damage relationships while fostering the kind of love, passion and desire that will last a lifetime.

According to Sala, many dating or marriage relationships become overburdened with problems leaving the couples feeling as though that are trapped in purgatory - committed to a loved one but unsure how to recapture the happiness, desire and lust they once knew. Perhaps, says the author, they now are possibly looking for these same needs in other relationships. Sala states that this phenomenon can be overcome when each individual works to gain a better understanding of their own development, desires and attitudes within the relationship. The book leads readers through an emotional self-examination intended to reveal the ways in which partners relate to each other, offering a new perspective on resolving issues that can cause affairs, abuse, bring about addiction and often destroy relationships.

Sala insists, "Without understanding, or knowledge of the real issues with the individuals in the relationship, it will often bring about a long list of personal excuses and a level of disassociation from each other. This leaves the individuals no closer and often further away from their own relationship, and understanding of their own real life needs."

Inspired after interviewing hundreds of couples and individuals who were in complicated emotional relationships, the book aims to make it simple for readers to examine, understand and accept their own frustrations, hurt, pain and disappointments. Sala maintains that this process is critical to the formation of the kind of lasting trust and intimacy that exists in fulfilling romantic partnerships and loving relationships.

`Relationship Purgatory, for Two` is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Karen Sala is a writer and human relationship expert. A native of Toronto, Sala is the author of `The Art of Finding Yourself, At Any Age.`

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