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Published:August 8th, 2011 12:37 EST

Lady Gaga Dresses In Drag For Cover Of New Single

By Robert Paul Reyes

Lady Gaga, who has more skins than a snake, poses as her male alter-ego "Jo Calderone" for the cover of her new single "You and I."

Never mind that her new single is only available as a digital download and doesn`t need a cover -- just more Gaga tomfoolery. The artwork is more interesting than the pedestrian song, save the space on your hard drive.


Jo has unkempt hair, stubble, sideburns and a look of practiced boredom. A cigarette is loosely hanging from his lips, he can`t seem to muster the energy to hold the cigarette with this hand. Calderone is looking off camera, he`s just too cool to look directly at anyone. LOL, what hogwash.

A Jo looking away from the camera, is better than a vacuous stare from Lady Gaga.

This analysis of Lady Gaga`s alter-ego is more interesting that a dozen of the pop diva`s songs.

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