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Published:August 9th, 2011 17:42 EST

Covert Affairs'Season Finale Airs Tonight

By Paulette Cohn

All season on Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) has been finding it harder and harder to keep the truth of her CIA job a secret from her sister Danielle (Anne Dudek). On tonight`s season finale, an operation blows up in Annie`s face, forcing her to make a choice that will change her relationship with her sister forever.


The case? After convincing a Chinese scientist, Shen Yue (Benedict Wong), to defect to the United States, Annie is given a big opportunity: to run point on Shen`s extraction while he`s in Washington D.C.


Thehollywoodknow had the opportunity to talk to Covert Affair stars Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham (Auggie) and here is what they had to say about their characters.

Piper, were you a tomboy or was it hard to learn all the action stuff?

Piper: I was kind of a tomboy, but it is still hard to learn all the action. Doug Liman`s [exec producer] action isn`t anything like what we used to do in my neighborhood. It is pretty intense.

What do you think is her greatest strength and what is her greatest weakness?

Piper: I think her greatest strength is that she is impulsive and she tests her instincts. A lot of times we have these feelings in life about who we can trust, or this information isn`t safe and we judge ourselves or stop ourselves. I admire that Annie trusts her inner voice and her impulse to go forward with something, but also it is also her greatest weakness.  Her impulsive nature also puts her in danger. She sometimes doesn`t make very safe decisions, like maybe she shouldn`t jump out of a skyscraper because she needs to get out of there quickly. So her greatest strength and weakness is her impulsive nature.


Christopher: I would say for Auggie, it is the burning ambition within him that few people have. He is a guy who comes from Special Forces and to get to that particular job in the military is so grueling. The weeding out process is so intense that very few people make it. He is someone who not only made it but thrived in that environment. Then to go through something as traumatic as losing his sight and losing his unit, and to come back from that and to again thrive, succeed and be important is testament to that burning drive that is inside of him.

And he is quite the ladies` man?

Christopher: Quite the ladies` man. It is kind of the same deal. He is a very confident person and confidence is very sexy.

What about the chemistry between your two characters? Where do you want to see that go?

Piper: Definitely, friendship.

Christopher: Right now their relationship is in a very good place for drama and TV. Anything is possible right now. I think we like living in that world where the relationship could get romantic at any minute, but it doesn`t have it. Living in that world of maybe-maybe not is interesting. It leaves it open for a lot of options for story.

Piper: It is fun, too. When Chris and I have scenes where we are working together, [we try to figure our] where would be the place where you can obviously turn up the heat and put a lid on that? Then there are places they unexpectedly brush up against each other  and you feel, "Wooh!" We are looking for those places because they haven`t told us anything and we are constantly playing with the dialogue.

The Covert Affairs season two summer finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on USA Network.