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Published:August 9th, 2011 11:37 EST

Newsweek Cover Photo Makes Michele Bachmann Look Bonkers!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Michele Bachmann is very pleasing to the eye, and a photographer doesn`t have to resort to digital manipulation to make her look good.

I don`t mean to imply that physical attractiveness is Bachmann`s most outstanding virtue, she`s intelligent, well spoken and dedicated to her right-wing ideology.


But there`s a touch of madness about Michele Bachmann, it`s in the intensity of her gaze and in her sometimes incoherent rhetoric. The now infamous Newsweek cover aptly captures the Michele psychosis, the conservative firebrand is staring into the distance at a grand vision only she can see.

Conservative bloggers and pundits have their panties in a twist, they claim that Newsweek deliberately selected a photo that made their heroine appear stark raving bonkers.

We must keep in mind that Bachmann posed for this pic, the photographer didn`t whisper: Give us your best insane look.

Of course Newsweek chose a photograph that makes the Tea Party favorite look like she`s unhinged! Duh, the photo is captioned: The Queen of Rage! The implication is that Newsweek is sexist; I don`t think the magazine`s head honcho, Tina Brown, has a sexist bone in her body.

The media in general certainly isn`t sexist, Howard Dean was depicted as a raving lunatic after his infamous war cry. Dean`s Scream effectively ended his 2004 presidential campaign, he never recovered from the media`s portrayal of him as a madman.

If Bachmann`s public persona didn`t border on paranoia, her unflattering Newsweek photograph wouldn`t have been more than a blip in the political landscape.

Mothers may use the Newsweek image of Bachmann to get their young children to go to bed on time, because there`s something frightening, very frightening, about the Tea Party darling.

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