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Published:August 10th, 2011 11:31 EST
No Stress!  Not Possible?  Caramanico Maguire Associates

No Stress! Not Possible? Caramanico Maguire Associates

By Tom Ski

A few weeks back, readers, I introduced you all to an extraordinary company called, Caramanico Maguire Associates, and the feedback was outstanding.  I know that an article speaking about a company that seems too good to be true actually is BUT, as you all have come to see, Caramanico Maguire Associates is absolutely real, and the products they offer are something YOU and YOUR company can not afford to do without!   

Right off the bat, Caramanico Maguire Associates speaks to you about your sales force.  Let`s be honest, without a good sales force, your company will be out of the "race` before it`s even begun to run.  It has become more and more difficult to staff companies.  Actually, in these horrific economic times with many, many professionals out of work, combing through files and resumes would take more hours than you have in your day.  And achieving complete success by hiring the right sales people at the right time to make your company`s profits soar is near impossible.   

Then the word, STARâ„¢, entered into your vocabulary, and companies across the country listened!     

In my first article, I offered all of you readers the basics when it came to Caramanico Maguire Associates, which was established in 1986 to focus on sales development services.  I spoke to all of you about the Evaluation & Training Services that help to determine the areas of your company`s sales force which need improvement.  Sales Assessment, Sales Coaching, Sales Force Development,

Sales Management - were the key aspects of what YOUR company needs to ensure its financial future.  And each and every one of these services is provided by Caramanico Maguire Associates.   

We spoke about Recruitment Services offered by Caramanico Maguire Associates and the program that has literally shown the business world recruiting at its finest.  To recap briefly, STARâ„¢ is a state-of-the-art system that is proven to acquire and train the best sales force possible.  With STARâ„¢, companies are offered an empowering mindset in order to jump hidden obstacles, and alleviate the stress that comes from hiring the optimal salespeople for their company.  Goals management skills, how to command a prospect`s attention, and how to fast forward through all the struggles that come from attempting to hire the "best of the best` salespeople possible, are learned.  And, when the right people are selected, they and the company learn how to develop a sales activity plan with interpersonal selling skills that provide success for your company.     

STARâ„¢ is, in essence, a sales force multiplier and a must-have for all companies.  With STARâ„¢, you can hire salespeople who will execute your company`s strategies perfectly; YOUR salespeople will produce at expected levels with shorter training time.  The process is modular and is customized to a company`s specific needs, so the perfect sales force can be hired to target the perfect prospects.      

I also gave to each and every one of you biographies of the amazingly talented and skilled members of the Caramanico Maguire Associates team.  These bio`s, alone, showed you that there is no better group of individuals to work with who can get YOUR company and YOUR product on front pages of newspapers everywhere, celebrating your financial success.   

This time around, I really want you to SEE the very large differences between The Old Way of doing things versus the New and Improved Way.  I want each and every one of you businesspeople out there to assess and identify how the business world has changed, and how new practices and new systems, such as STARâ„¢, are absolutely the ONLY way to go in order for your company to survive.  Sales, sales and more sales are only made by a sales force that is unmatched in your particular industry, and only Caramanico Maguire Associates has STARâ„¢ and the systems and processes to build, recruit, interview, assess, and qualify candidates. YOUR sales force will be your own unbeatable team.   

The  `old` way of recruiting and hiring employees was to wade through the pile of resumes and try to ferret out the ones that you liked.  Then, you would spend a great deal of time away from important business matters while you interviewed salespeople who may have looked solid on paper, but were definitely not right for your corporation.  During these interviews you listened to applicants sell you on themselves, finding out early on that they were definitely not a good fit.     

At times, businesses did use recruiters to screen the candidates for them, before they were sent along.  However, these exact same recruiters were also on other phone lines trying to place accountants, administrative assistants, and others, in areas that had nothing to do with your company`s needs.  In other words, your  `real estate` sales force was being put together by the same professional who was putting together your neighbor`s `lawn and garden` sales force.  Let`s be honest that type of recruitment just didn`t work.   

Now, the  `new` way!  The stress-free way IS the Caramanico Maguire way!   

You see, Caramanico Maguire Associates actually knows that resumes are extremely misleading.  After all, people can SAY whatever they wish, hoping to sell themselves in person so that the employer forgets all about those slightly falsified past jobs.  Or, their resume is just fine, but their sales expertise is located in a completely different area, and they will not have the desired requirements for YOUR company`s sales force needs!  

So Caramanico Maguire Associates takes the stress off your shoulders and finds the sales force YOU need!  They find people with the characteristics required for a salesperson to excel in YOUR specific situation.  Based on the background you are looking for, they test dozens of candidates to find the ones  who possess the characteristics which will permit them to succeed in the position YOU require.  Then, from this pool of skilled candidates, they telephone and screen for qualifications and review the resume.  Until, finally, Caramanico Maguire Associates personally interviews the candidate to thoroughly vet the person before sending them to you.   

And they don`t just offer a run-o`-the-mill interview.  Candidates are interviewed by a Sales Development Expert to verify the test results, qualify for interest, skills, and compensation level.  Then, and only then, when the stress has been taken out of the hiring process, Caramanico Maguire Associates sends you one candidate with a recommendation to hire who knows your company, knows the job, has the required skills and belief systems, is willing to work for the compensation offered, and is ready to make a decision.  All you have to do is determine whether he or she fits into the organization, verify the technical capabilities of the candidate, and make an offer.    

See that?  No Stress IS what Caramanico Maguire Associates delivers!  The steps are simple!   

STEP 1: - Evaluate the Sales Team   

Caramanico Maguire Associates evaluates the state of sales management; inventory selling skills; assess the candidates growth potential and their compatibility with YOUR organization; assess the candidates motivation to succeed; and, in the end, find all the hidden weaknesses of your candidates.   

STEP 2 - Create Alignment   

Caramanico Maguire Associates studies and aligns individual and corporate goals; your business`s compensation program and the corporate goals; and, the priorities of management and sales staff.    

STEP 3 - Upgrade Sales Management   

Caramanico Maguire Associates makes SURE to upgrade the sales management team of your company by assessing motivation, accountability, coaching, pipeline management, and what it will take to grow your sales force into a  `force` to be reckoned with!   

STEP 4 - Upgrade the Sales Process   

Caramanico Maguire Associates institutes an effective sales process; upgrades the selling skills of the sales team; trains only those with growth potential; and, eliminates self-limiting beliefs and hidden weaknesses.   

STEP 5 - Replace Weak Performers   

Yes that where the STARâ„¢ process to hire only top sales performers comes in!   

Caramanico Maguire Associates also trains companies on how to use STARâ„¢ to upgrade their hiring process.     

Caramanico Maguire Associates has helped thousands of companies build their own fantastic sales force.  AND, at, they offer FREE information and tips for YOU and your company.  There, you can sign up for Three Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson. "  You`ll also receive their FREE weekly video email sales tip.     

Food for thought: The difficulty of every company is its ability to outdo the competition and rise to the top of the heap in their industry.  Without the existence of an incredible sales force backing their products and/or services, a company will always find itself faltering - especially in a difficult economy.     

Caramanico Maguire Associates KNOWS how to evaluate your sales team and they will make sure that YOUR sales management team receives a full evaluation.     

Cut out the red tape and CUT OUT THE STRESS!  Don`t waste precious time and money when Caramanico Maguire Associates is available to help YOU and your company!   

Readers, even after all this information we are STILL not done exploring this truly fantastic company and its services.  In two weeks, I will be offering you even MORE information about the incredible STARâ„¢ system, and how to make sure that YOUR company becomes assured of financial success, simply because you were wise enough to jump on the Caramanico Maguire Associates bandwagon!   

Identity - Search - Assess - Qualify - Interview   

These are the five points you need to learn in order to hire a true sales STAR!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

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