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Published:August 11th, 2011 08:47 EST

Cops Harass Blind Woman With 8-Foot Pot Plant Growing In Yard

By Robert Paul Reyes

"While searching for two suspects, detectives in South Carolina discovered an 8-foot tall marijuana plant growing in a blind woman`s yard, police said.

The woman told police officers she is legally blind and was unaware of the plant in the yard. She said her boyfriend, Daniel Matthew Ashworth, 48, did all of the landscaping in her yard."



This story illustrates the absurdity of the war on drugs, detectives suspend a search for two dangerous suspects when they discover a harmless plant growing in a woman`s yard.

The 57-year-old homeowner said she was unaware of the plant in her yard, a plausible claim considering she is blind. But I have a suspicion she and her boyfriend weren`t letting that 8-foot tall marijuana plant go to waste.

The boyfriend may be a good landscaper to nurture a pot plant to grow so high, but he`s not very bright. A marijuana plant that tall was bound to eventually draw the attention of the police.

In a perfect world the hapless cops would have complimented the boyfriend on his landscaping skills, and quickly resumed the search fro the two suspects.

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