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Published:August 11th, 2011 09:55 EST
The First Release Your Brilliance Weekend With Simon T. Bailey

The First Release Your Brilliance Weekend With Simon T. Bailey

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

William Lazarus, President & CEO of Seer Analytics, LLC made a powerful statement during our Tampa CEO Council roundtable discussions. He said all of his employees know that the company mantra in time past was "make new mistakes!" This year it`s "make mistakes faster!" The rationale behind this thinking is that if you are making mistakes early and often then, in the long run, your cost of entry into a new marketplace decreases overtime and sustaining market share becomes easier because you fail forward. 

Another CEO, who shall remain nameless, stated that what burns him are employees who are trained, coached, and retold a million times how to do a specific job and still don`t get it right. They trip over themselves, always wanting to get face time with him or anyone on his senior team but do not pay attention to the work at hand. He looked around the table to see if any of his fellow CEO`s had a viable solution to this issue. Many nodded their head in agreement because they could relate to his pain. 

As I was wrapping up the discussion, I asked this brilliant group what were their learning`s or key takeaways from our fifty-nine minute session. One individual jumped up and said that he needed to be more present to his staff instead of always talking on the phone, working on his computer or PDA, and attempt to listen to whoever is in front of him. If people are the most important asset to any organization, then listening to them makes them believe in the walk instead of just the talk. 

There was another gentleman who stood up and asked how to coach employees who are constantly vying for your attention. In other words...they are "needy." It reminded me of a friend of mine who was attending a funeral and was talking with an individual prior to the services starting. When this person saw the president of the company come into the funeral he stopped mid-sentence and rushed across the aisle over to sit next to the president. Why? Because that person was needy. He had a need to be seen and heard.       

I am sure that you are saying by now "Simon, what you`ve shared isn`t very positive." Well, it`s all in how you look at it so here comes the spin that I know you`ve been waiting for. CEO`s want employees who are intrapreneurs. These are intracorporate entrepreneurs, as Gifford Pinchot describes in his book Intrapreneuring in Action. These individuals take a new idea and turn it into a profitable reality. Could that be you? Are you taking ownership of driving innovative processes in your organization? 

If you get public recognition when you resolve something great, that`s awesome. If you don`t, develop an internal appreciation mechanism and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Call the florist and order flowers for yourself; in the note say "Great job, Oh Brilliant One." 

The C-Suite really wants you to step up to the plate and make a base hit. If you do this on a consistent basis, you will eventually hit a homerun. Just stay the course and always fail forward.  

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