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Published:August 12th, 2011 08:51 EST
PossessionPoints Website Becomes Free for All NFL Fans

PossessionPoints Website Becomes Free for All NFL Fans

By SOP newswire2

Philadelphia - With the start of the new NFL season,, an NFL analysis site which uses its own stat to examine the games and players, has announced that subscriptions for this year will be free. 

"We had our doubts as the labor negotiations dragged out this summer," said Ed Cavanagh-co-founder of and the developer of the trademarked PossessionPoints stat. "but the NFL Preseason starts tonight on schedule. As a way to celebrate with fans that we do have football, we have converted the site to a free site this season. We also know that the economy has been tough, so an extra gift for fans everywhere."

Those who want to use PossessionPoints will still need a login ID to get access to all of the game by game data and the email updates. In the past seasons, to register and ID required a subscription fee, but this year there is no charge. 

The PossessionPoints stat is a blended stat based on an offensive scoring drive using points, time of possession and quarter in which the drive was completed.   In the last four years, the win-loss percentage using has been greater than 61 percent. 

PossessionPoints will soon be publishing its popular Preseason Preview Issue which analyzes teams, personnel changes and team predictions and performances based on the PossessionPoints stat.  

"You will be able to get the Preseason Preview on the site in PDF plus we will be posting our team by team projections on the PossessionPoints blog," Cavanagh noted. "If you are a Fantasy Football player, you will find our player lists very valuable and again this will be included with your free membership."

Registered users will get email updates about twice a week. PossessionPoints publishes a weekly newsletter on all the games. The newsletter analyzes the games using the PossessionPoints stat.  PossessionPoints updates are made during games as well so fans can see how their teams are faring.

For information on the PossessionPoints stat, go to .