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Published:August 13th, 2011 10:27 EST

E-Poll Market Research: Casey Anthony Most Hated Person In America

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Casey Anthony, the Florida mother acquitted in her daughter Caylee`s death last month, is the most hated person in America, E-Poll Market Research said.

Of the 53 percent of respondents who were aware of Anthony, 94 percent said they disliked her, E-Poll said."



The typical dude has a heart of gold, he won`t automatically reject an evil woman`s advances -- if she is gorgeous. If I meet a hot lady at a bar, and she tells me that she did twenty years in prison for blowing up an orphanage, I won`t turn her down if she asks me out on a date. I`m basically a nice guy, and I believe everybody deserves a second chance. I would try to rehabilitate her by showering her with love, affection and trinkets.

Casey Anthony is as beautiful as she is evil, and generally good looks covers a multitude of sins. But in Casey`s case her crime was so despicable that most guys find her disgusting.

I`d rather date Joan Rivers, even though, underneath all that plastic, there`s putrefying flesh, than have anything to do with Casey Anthony. I have my code of ethics that I live by, and that rules out dating Casey Anthony.

I don`t know why women think that guys are dogs.

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