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Published:August 14th, 2011 10:23 EST

Michele Bachmann's Straw Poll Victory Prompts Tim Pawlenty To Drop Out

By Robert Paul Reyes

Michele Bachmann`s victory in the Iowa Ames Straw poll, has already prompted Tim Pawlenty to drop out of the presidential race. The feeble showings of Newt Gingrich and John Huntsman have rendered them dead men walking.

But the politician who was hurt the most by Bachmann`s victory is Sarah Palin, there is room for only one crazy female Tea Party candidate. The congresswoman from Minnesota has proven that she has the intellect and the organizational skills to run a credible presidential campaign.

The only thing that Sarah Palin has  proven is that she has an uncanny ability to stay in the headlines. Of course the former half-term governor of Alaska crashed the Iowa state fair to steal the attention away from the announced GOP candidates.

Palin`s long strip-tease act has gone on far too long, only the former beauty queen`s diehard supporters are still enthralled by her antics. Palin`s "will she or won`t she" act may be great for keeping her brand alive, but it has destroyed her credibility as a serious politician.

Bachmann`s Tea Party ideology is anathema to me, but I commend her for driving the stake into Palin`s presidential aspirations.

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