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Published:August 15th, 2011 11:04 EST
D.H. DaHitWryter:  The Voice That NEEDS to be Heard!

D.H. DaHitWryter: The Voice That NEEDS to be Heard!

By Krista Boyer

Dionne Halsey (a.k.a. D.H. DaHitWryter).  Gang, we have been talking about this extraordinary woman for months on end.  Why does she deserve such accolades?  Because, D.H. DaHitWryter is still the most incredible lyricist this writer has ever heard.  And, now, the poetry of this woman - the sheer magnitude and magnificence that D.H. DaHitWryter brings to the world is a book.  And it is a book that YOU need to read!       

It has been awhile since we have spoken about how D.H. DaHitWryter first came into being.  So, as a small recap, D.H. DaHitWryter`s first solo album was titled, Back Against the Wall, " and each and every song was a true foray into art.  That`s what I really want to get across to all of you readers - D.H. DaHitWryter is a synonym for art.  Not just an artist.  There are many artists out there in America in various genres who give their all when they step out on stage to get an audience captivated by what they have to say.  But D.H. DaHitWryter actually creates art on her stages!  Pure and utter art.  It`s almost as if listening to her songs gives you the same feeling as staring at a canvas painted by the hand of Michelangelo.  Faith, love, promise, hope - these are the ideals that D.H. DaHitWryter preaches - and these are the ideals that she lives by!     

Not to mention, she has one of the grandest hearts known to the music industry!   This is a woman who feels the responsibility that today`s youth have weighing their shoulders down.  In a day and age long ago, teenagers looked at other fears and tragedies - such as donning a military uniform and placing themselves in the line of fire in order to defeat an enemy.  Nowadays, the "enemy` feels as if it resides in the very souls of our children.  The statistics for everything from drug abuse to alcohol poisoning to rehab clinics to teenage motherhood is frightening.  In fact, there is a statistic out right now that says almost 45% of our world`s teenage girls want to become a mother by the time they are sixteen.       

Sixteen.      There is white space here for a reason.  I want you to stop and think about that number!  The streets are overcrowded and they are calling out to our children, and there are very few people in the world who care less about themselves than they do about others.  D.H. DaHitWryter is one of those people.  This is a woman with pure heart, strength, courage, determination and no fear.   

The songs, the poetry everything that comes out of D.H. DaHitWryter`s soul makes the world a better place.  No, that`s not supposed to sound corny at all.  This world, if it was peopled by D.H. DaHitWryter`s on every block in every small town, would not have to face the difficulties it is facing now.  Why?  Because D.H. DaHitWryter has HEART!   

I`ve told you before and I will say it again, the fans and followers of D.H. DaHitWryter very much see in her a Martin Luther King- `like` quality.  She has something to say, and her words should be listened to no matter what, who, or where you are.  She stands up for causes; she spreads goodness through her material; and, I, for one, hope that her material comes from a never-ending well, because I don`t want to live without it!     

D.H. DaHitWryter`s Faith in Love.   

When love fails, it`s not love, it`s the false lover...

the lover who played false roles undercover...

be inspired to fly higher instead of falling in what some are calling love...

love isn`t meant to be a lowly creature, it`s the highest high or the force from the bass that explodes the speakers...   

Again faith, love, heart - D.H. DaHitWryter has the ability to inspire.  Just like her lyrics - we feel as if we can fly higher and soar without the leaden responsibilities that the world wants to place on top of us.  She makes us see things as they are, but at the same time offers the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel that shows us where we could be if we loved one another - had faith in one another - and never, ever gave up!   

She is an artist who is, quite frankly, locked in a world of positives and negatives.  The positives are that she can have a voice for everyone to hear and understand.  She can lead the children into a better world and prove to them that they have a future.  The negatives are what come with the price of fame - the zeal and lights that she must be put under because that`s the price of fame.  She talks in-depth about that with, In The Life of Fame.       

Thick skin is an understatement, armor skin is needed.

Negativity surrounds you and sets deep into those who have been let down.

Doubters and nay-sayers heckle you like a comedian in a tough crowd.

Everything you do is critiqued and closely watched.   

I am not only speaking about this  `cool` lady every month to send you to buy her CD and her book of outstanding poetry; I am writing about her because she has that armor.  She has the ability to make things look, feel, and seem better by offering her honest  and heartfelt emotions with no bars.   

It must be a huge hardship at times to be an artist - a creator - be in the zone where you are open to all the bad and good things that can be thrown at you.  You are suddenly not in a place of peace and quiet.  You are open, and the armor you must wear must be stifling at times.  But D.H. DaHitWryter makes this seem easy - even though I know it must be so difficult.   

But I will continue month after month to scream to the rafters about how absolutely wonderful this woman is, and how beautiful and fantastic the poetry becomes as it slides from her brain to our ears!   

I have also told you this one, gang, but I want to drive this home.  The Best You.  D.H. DaHitWryter  `hits` on all cylinders with these words.  This woman wants you to race after your dreams, grab them, own them - and with her poetry thundering inside your head there is absolutely nothing that you can`t do not with D.H. DaHitWryter leading the way!   

Don`t grow complacent, keep chasing.

Run down your dreams like a sprinter dashes across the finish line.

Think of your legacy and how you will be defined when your life ends and you leave the world behind.

Inspect and reflect, look over and into your life.


See the things that you want to be and become them.

Let no one defeat you, let nothing distract you.

Dive into the deepest depths of your soul.

Dare to be THE BEST YOU.   


I will leave you all with this.  Poetic Conversations with D.H., is the book.  Back Against The Wall is the music, and D.H. DaHitWryter is the master of them both!   

Until Next Time, Everybody.   

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