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Published:August 15th, 2011 14:36 EST

Eva Marcille on Taking over as Host for Hair Battle Spectacular

By Paulette Cohn

Eva Marcille may not have become the next supermodel after winning season three of America`s Next Top Model, but you have to give her credit. The girl, whose hair is now white blond, keeps on working, which is not something all reality contestant winners can say.


In her latest outing, Marcille, who played Tyra Hamilton on the The Young and the Restless, is the host of the second season of Oxygen`s Hair Battle Spectacular, which pits 11 of America`s hottest stylists against each other to see who can deliver the biggest and best in fantasy hair design.

Tune in to the premiere tonight at 10 p.m. and watch as the contestants create outrageous coifs that resemble everything from Hollywood stars to hounds and handbags.

Why did you want to become a part of it this season?

Eva Marcille: I have watched the show and pop culture has definitely taken on fantasy hair if you look at like Lady Gaga who came to an awards show in an egg with crazy hair and crazy fashion.  That`s what we play off of.

And we kind of shed a light on what`s going on in our pop culture outside of what`s just simple and mainstream. That was so intriguing to me because I see everything. Being blessed to be in this business, you see it all. But fantasy hair is something you don`t see on an everyday basis, but it`s something that you want to know about. So that`s why I just kept tuning in.

What has been your most memorable moment from the show.

Eva Marcille: One of my most memorable moments from the show has to be the episode where we had drag queens.  And what was so amazing is that every week we use female models to display the hair designs as well as the makeup and the outfits. But that particular week was the one week where we were allowed to use gentlemen. So, for me to have men on set was amazing, but they put on high heels. So it was an absolute riot the entire day and it was just amazing to shoot.

What do you think it is about the show that keeps viewers coming back each season to watch it?

Eva Marcille: I think what brings people back is the whole mystery and illusion of what goes on behind the scenes, what all it takes to create such amazing pieces, and what the models go through between hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Since you yourself have been a reality show contestant and winner, do you feel like you were able to offer the contestants some advice in what it`s like to compete?

Eva Marcille: I was. Competition is hard. If you see a basketball player and he`s on the court and he`s shooting his free throws or his three-(pointer), it`s easy by yourself. But it`s hard when you have people guarding you and everyone else on the court. So that`s the same thing for competition.

These are amazing stylists, but when it comes to them having to compete in the amount of time allotted and you have 10 other people that are equally as amazing, it just makes for a crazy, crazy situation. And I know what that situation is like having had to live with 14 people and put my best face forward every morning in a strange environment.

In your experience is there one region of the country that has better hair designers than anywhere else?

Eva Marcille: I would say for some reason I notice that in the Midwest and in the South that hair designs tend to be very extravagant, and elaborate, and very well groomed in detail. And a lot of it, I think, is the way fantasy hair got its start. It got its start in your mom and pop beauty salons and barber shops, where they tried to figure out how you can take a regular hairstyle and make something of that. Make it stand out beyond just an up do or beyond just a ponytail. It`s been going on for ages in the Midwest and the South. And I think they have totally perfected it.

What`s next for you beyond this?

Eva Marcille: Well the sky`s the limit for me. I`m currently developing projects of my own and I`m acting and still modeling. So the next thing for me is more work, more work.

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