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Published:August 17th, 2011 22:19 EST
Tune into 'TweetTheStreets' Radio with Will Roberts and John David Cameron

Tune into 'TweetTheStreets' Radio with Will Roberts and John David Cameron

By Will Roberts

Today on TweetTheStreets Radio

I have the pleasure of talking with a gentleman who is spearheading a movement in the world of smoking, John David Cameron.

A moment to stop folks from lighting up. Now, if you are one of my readers you know that for years my pet peeve is not necessarily smoking but smokers who flick their butts and litter our land. It has baffled me how they could have such a disregard for the planet. I have decided that it is tied to the fact that we have confined smokers to such a small space to smoke that they would set themselves on fire in the process of lighting their own cigarette; in short, they`re pissed and this is a way to lash out at the folks that won`t allow them to have their freedom to smoke. However, today we talk about the direct danger of tobacco. I am not going to pretend that I am an expert on the subject or that I have a new statistic on smoking, but as my readers know I like to give FREE information to take you to a new part of your brain and that is where my guest comes in.

John David Cameron was born in Ontario, Canada on 1 November 1968. Having served with distinction in the United States Marines, John Cameron received an honorable discharge after six years with the rank of sergeant. He was also educated in fire services and training and sits on the Fire Services Training Institute board.

Today, John is recognized as an accomplished writer, entertainment producer, artist and most notably as a committed social activist, working to draw attention to the blight of the 21st century - the atrocities caused by tobacco consumption.

Since 1998, John and James Cameron have had a close working relationship in their endeavors. Soon after James` success with "Titanic," John Cameron started his own digital media company, "Earthship.TV" which has became "Earthship Productions". On 10 September 2001, John Cameron was responsible for the first ever dual, high definition, live to air broadcast from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Earthship Productions remains today in family hands under his brother James` ownership.

John Cameron has not only proven himself as an artist, but also as a committed social activist. Since 2009, he has devoted both time and resources into being actively involved with the "Blue Planet Marine Research Foundation," which is dedicated to saving wildlife along the California coast.

John Cameron`s involvement with tobacco has not just been as a staunch social activist. For ten years John was an addicted pack-a-day smoker. His battle with this addiction led to his fiancé purchasing an electronic cigarette for him in 2010. The purchase of this product was the culmination of John having engaged with every other known therapy and gimmick to rid himself of his tobacco reliance - and it worked for him. As a result of his experience with the electronic cigarette, John decided to comprehensively investigate the safety and negative effects that such a cigarette may offer. John was clearly not into just transferring the ills of one problem onto the ills of another - but was serious in his search to find a medically certified safe alternative to tobacco and nicotine. Today, John exerts considerable effort into lobbying the further research of and "common sense attributes" of "The Safe Cig," and having it globally recognized as a common sense alternative to tobacco smoking.

Now nobody`s perfect and if I told you readers that I never smoked a cigarette or a cigar I`d be lying. As an actor, I have had many roles where smoking was part of a character, and being the method actor I am, I have smoked. Smoking is one of those habits that can consume you. It is a business in itself. From patches, to carrot sticks it is the hardest habit to kick. My parents smoked for 40 years; many packs a day. Until that fine day that most smokers face, the day of reckoning, the day when your doctor says, either you need to quit smoking for your health, or it`s too late and you need to stop to prolong your life because you`re dying. Quitting anything that is bad is tough, take it from me, a lifelong nail biter.

So tune in today: Wednesday at 5:30 pm PSD. for Radio with me your host Will Roberts and my co-host, RJ Owens ( a lifelong smoker) and take a smoking break with us and our guest John David Cameron.

Here is a little about our subject for the show:

The Safe Cig remains a family owned and operated electronic cigarette company started by brothers Jonathan and Robert Deak. Robert was so exasperated by Jonathan`s smoking addiction and the associated health risks, that he explored every alternative in a bid to help him quit. Eventually - after almost giving up - Robert gave Jonathan the electronic cigarette and it was this product that helped Jonathan to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The ramifications of Robert`s find was life saving for his brother.

The brothers, under their brand, The Safe Cig, are dedicated to continuing to develop the safety, usability and reliability of all of their products. As the company that introduced electronic cigarettes to America, The Safe Cig is the only electronic cigarette manufacturer that both endorses and finances medical research into electronic cigarettes, while lobbying for high levels of standardization across the industry.

The Safe Cig is also drawing upon its exceptional standing amongst the Hollywood elite to help campaign for the appropriate research and development of electronic cigarettes so as to help with the elimination of the tobacco consumption that affects over six million lives each year.

APPEARANCE The Safe Cig has a similar appearance to traditional tobacco cigarettes but does not contain tobacco or need to be lit. The Safe Cig simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist which models the physical sensation, appearance, flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke. Thus, the `hand-to-mouth` action of smoking tobacco cigarettes is reproduced, but without the user inhaling the harmful effects of tobacco inhalation or second hand smoke. HOW TO USE More economical than a cigarette, The Safe Cig, saves your wallet. The Safe Cig kits cost between $69.95 and $137.95 and is available with a lifetime warranty on the batteries. The nicotine refills cost $12.50 for a pack of five. Each individual refill (in a pack of five) is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. The refills easily screw onto the battery unit to complete the impression of a "typical" cigarette. When a user sucks on the mouthpiece, it produces a microprocessor-controlled puff of vapor, which contains nicotine, propylene glycol, water and food flavoring. As The Safe Cig believes in transparency, the exact chemical make-up of the product is listed on The Safe Cig website. ANTI-CHILDREN SMOKING The Safe Cig has not developed any "bubblegum-pop" flavors as it is fiercely against the marketing or distribution of The Safe Cig to children or to non-smokers.

Your friend,
Will Roberts

Below is more info on the The Safe Cig: