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Published:August 18th, 2011 11:10 EST

The Capybara: An Evil Beast Who Looks Like A Giant Guinea Pig

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A giant South American rodent weighing at least 100 pounds was spotted at a waste-water treatment facility in California recently before disappearing in the brush, according to a wildlife official.


The animal, which was identified as a capybara, is the world`s largest rodent and feeds on vegetation."


Apparently these ungodly creatures feed on vegetation and sewage, another capybara (perhaps the same one) was seen at another waste-water treatment plant.

If a man sees a Chupacabra, the Montauk Monster or a Bigfoot, he will run away screaming like a schoolgirl and praying that nobody will notice that he wet his drawers.

But a capybara looks like a giant guinea pig, a kid who finds one is likely to pet it and bring it home. If the giant guinea pig that your brat brought home has a penchant for eating poop out of the toilet and his favorite toy is a Ouija Board, it`s an evil capybara and not an innocent guinea pig. Call an exorcist and get rid of the beast (the capybara not your child.).

A monster from the pit of hell who looks like a cute guinea pig? We are living in the End Times, my friends.

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