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Published:August 19th, 2011 10:05 EST

Did American Idol Hire Ellen DeGeneres To Prove They Were Not Homophobic?

By SOP newswire2

Gary McCullough, Director of Christian Newswire submits the following:

In January of 2010, I claimed that the FOX TV show, American Idol hired Ellen DeGeneres to fight the rumors within Hollywood that the show was anti-gay; this after the more talented Adam Lambert lost the competition to a "Teen-Beat" hetero-dreamboat.

Idol`s producers allowed DeGeneres to drive the show into the ground to appease a flaming Hollywood minority.  Eventually profit-minded heads prevailed and the gay-activist was replaced after one horrendous season. 

 Idol`s producers had paid their alms to Hollywood`s Gay-McCarthyites and thought they were in the clear. Not so fast claims Idol-rival co-host Adam Levine; this week Levine charged that Idol was not doing enough to promote gay contestants. What does he want, pink-triangle armbands to tell viewers who is gay and who is straight?

Should Levine get his way and Idol steps up its promotion of identifiable homos(e)xual contestants, I guarantee that will not be the final demand. Next season someone else will complain that the contestants were not gay enough. Perhaps we need a sliding scale, with an independent panel awarding levels of homos(e)xuality based on flamboyant expressiveness and on-the-record out-of-the-closet dramatic statements.

But what if someone fakes being a homos(e)xual to earn the pink armband? How do we know what gender each contestant truly desires?  We need a certification process lest the talent pool is contaminated with that rarest of all gay performers, the male-lesbian.  We will need the casting couch reinstated to insure same-s(e)x s(e)xual preference purity.

I hope I have illustrated the idiocy of attempting to accommodate a militant homos(e)xual agenda, even by a television production. Once we make how one fakes procreation into a class, let alone a "minority," we have shown ourselves to be fools indeed.           


SOURCE: Christian Newswire