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Published:August 20th, 2011 11:47 EST
SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Singer/Songwriter Kasha with 'I Want You'

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Singer/Songwriter Kasha with 'I Want You'

By SOP newswire2

If you look up the word "focus" in the dictionary, you`re likely to find a photo of vocalist/songwriter Kasha there. She determined at a very young age that she would be a singing star and set her sights on that goal at the age of 5. Brooklyn native Kasha began singing in her church choir at St. Lukes Church when she was just 5 years old. Her mother, who was a teacher and vocal trainer at the time, was a big inspiration to Kasha when she was young; it was because of her that Kasha decided to become a star.  

Kasha grew up being the youngest of her 5 sisters and 3 brothers. Aside from singing and dancing, she liked skating and styling hair. She started taking vocal lessons at the age of 6 and took dance lessons for 4 years and also started taking piano lessons at the age of 12. Throughout her elementary and junior high she was in church choirs and glee choirs.   All of her siblings also danced and sang when they were young. Her mother, who was very much family oriented, made sure all 8 siblings got along and made sure that they all achieved their goals. Although all their personalities were different, Kasha and her siblings managed to have good relationships, and all in all Kasha had a normal and happy childhood. Then at the age of 14, all of that changed.  Kasha`s mom, the backbone of her family and the inspiration for Kasha`s music passed away. Kasha`s eldest sister Tamiko stepped up to the plate and took care of Kasha and her brother from that moment on. Her sister made sure both Kasha and her brother stayed on the straight path and guided them through their lives until they were adults.
When her mother died Kasha fell into a deep depression and as she put it, "everything just slowed down; I had to really find myself at the age of 14."  Her mother was everything to her not only in her everyday life but musically as well. It took a while to get back in the swing of things, but this tragedy only strengthened Kasha`s dream of becoming a singer and when she was 15 she started her long journey to achieve her goals, now taking every step with her mother in her heart and soul. At 15 she knew she had to educate herself about the music industry, so that`s exactly what she did. She went to the library and read up on trademarks, copyrights and all the behind the scenes of the music business. She became a member of ASCAP and would attend weekly meetings to further her education of the music industry. She now has her own publishing at ASCAP as a result.   

After educating herself on the industry she was about to enter, she started writing the songs she was to send out into the world to represent herself. By 2001 Kasha had her first major performance as the opening act for MCA`s, R&B group "Allure" and Motown recording artist, "Colonel Abrams" for a special 9/11 tribute at New York City`s club Nell`s. Then in 2002 she was featured on a compilation album by independent label Fan Records, which was distributed via outlets throughout the Tri-state area and participated in Greek Fest at Jones  Beach. In 2004 her first original single "Leaving You" was released and got radio airplay on New York`s Kiss FM 98.7. She was showcased at a major toy drive for underprivileged kids hosted by Lenny Green and Shaila of Kiss FM 98.7. She also opened for BET comedian Ronnie Long and has performed at numerous nightclubs throughout the Tri-state area to perfect her craft over the last few years.

Kasha`s music is meant to be very empowering, especially to women who are going through hard times and need someone who understands. Kasha has faced plenty of hardships and is using her music to let everyone know, "I`ve been there and I understand and it will be okay." Her always positive attitude, determination and perseverance make her stand out from the crowd and are one of the keys to her continued success.  

Kashs`s first single "I Want You" is a catchy, and sexy club hit, encouraging women to feel good about themselves and have a good time. She is currently working on perfecting her album and busy writing and recording songs. Alongside her longtime mentor and bodyguard Mack, whom she credits as being pivotal to her success as a singer/songwriter, Kasha is ready to climb the charts and is sure to have everyone shaking their bodies.