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Published:August 21st, 2011 10:40 EST
FlyRydaz: The Ultimate Pop Band Performs Downstairs!

FlyRydaz: The Ultimate Pop Band Performs Downstairs!

By Krista Boyer
Just my type

Over the past few months, we have been bringing more and more information to all of you about the incredible band, FlyRydaz.  This trio of extremely talented men have become the name on everyone`s lips.  Rook, Woodz, and React have made themselves more than just household names; because of their stellar talent and mesmerizing vibe - they have become the perfect group and the best sound to hit the pop world in a very long time.  And coming up on August 22, 2011 at 7:00 p.m., FlyRydaz will be performing at The Middle East - Downstairs. (480 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts.)        

These three young men have been rising ever so quickly up the charts as one - if not THE - best pop band to hit the scene in a very long time.  With FlyRydaz, we have spent the last few weeks introducing each and every one of you to the singers who work their behinds off to make this perfect trio!  We have also gone over songs, and the amazing concert FlyRydaz was recently a part of called, Our Forgotten Warriors Road To Recovery Tour, which was a free concert for the Troops that was held at Joint Base Lewis McChord, where the FlyRydaz men astounded the audience with their fantastic voices!   

With each day that goes by, FlyRydaz has become more and more popular, with audience members rushing to their performances left and right. These men have come together to create upbeat party records, as well as deep, lyrical songs that have their fans flipping out across the country.     

As a short recap, the members of FlyRydaz joined together to become a creation for the masses.  After showing a mutual interest in music back in high school, Rook, Woodz, and React, came together to give life - a shot of rejuvenation to the pop world - as they offered everyone pure talent, electricity, and adrenaline.     

At 7:00 p.m. on August 22nd, FlyRydaz will once again give this spark of rejuvenation to their fans as they take the stage at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub (Downstairs).  This incredible venue consists of three live-music performance rooms, two family-style restaurants with full-service bars, and an elegant restaurant named ZuZu. Several of the rooms also serve as art galleries, offering a fresh showcase for local and international artists on a monthly basis. Both the staff and the customers are an international mix of musicians, students, townspeople, and professionals.  And, above all, is about to be the next sold-out venue for a FlyRydaz performance.   

This amazing location, like FlyRydaz, has become larger and larger since it opened in 1970.  When the venue began, customers were won over by the authentic home cooking, the constant presence and hospitality of the family, and the restaurant`s unique, eclectic ambiance.  In 1975, the storefront next door was acquired and the two rooms connected to create what is now called the Upstairs. That same year, live music at the Middle East was born, and after dinner came belly dancing, jazz, Latin, and funk.   

Music at the Middle East took a serious turn when rock impresarios began renting the 200-capacity Upstairs and booking top talent to play there.  In 1988, a bakery at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Brookline Street became The Corner, a 70-person-capacity restaurant and bar with a small corner stage.    

And in 1988, the old, abandoned bowling alley in the basement of the building was converted into the Downstairs, a 550-capacity venue for world-class musical performers - and the young men of FlyRydaz will be stunning that crowd on August 22nd   

Rook, Woods, and React are most definitely three young men who are not just talented performers.  In fact, they have the immense power, drive, talent and strength to become one of the best pop groups to ever be born in the U.S. Of A.  FlyRydaz music - each and every song they offer to the world - shows the heart and soul that these three men use in order to give the public exactly the music they want to hear.  And in just a short time, FlyRydaz has grown to be one of the most popular and much-loved bands on all of the East Coast.     

Coming from Massachusetts, Rook, Woods and React have built FlyRydaz into a force to be reckoned with, and audiences all over have been lining up to listen and enjoy the fantastic words and songs that FlyRydaz has created.   

To re-cap for all you readers out there, the FlyRydaz sound is a refreshing, exciting blend of Hip-Hop/Pop, with an infusion of the electric-vibe.  When you listen or see a performance by Rook, Woodz, and React, it`s like you feel recharged and revitalized.  In a world that breaks down spirit, FlyRydaz has found a way to bring life back to the majority of people who have become jaded and tired across America.  FlyRydaz has performed all over the Northeast; crowds have come together from all over New England and they`re growing in number, as FlyRydaz brings electricity to everyone from Boston to Philadelphia - New Hampshire to New York.  Masses of screaming college kids go wild when FlyRydaz takes the stage, and they are absolutely the voice this generation needs!  Their songs like, Boston Anthem, That Girl`s a Killa`, Just My Type, and Jungle Juice Drunk, are "blow the roof off` tunes, and the three men behind these lyrics are true masters of their craft.   

The rapper is Rook.  With his own mixtape titled, The Boy Who Could Fly, " and an acting ability that is second to none, Rook has been performing and recording full-time.     

Woodz, a founding member of FlyRydaz, is one of the most dynamic writer/performers who ever took the stage.  Woodz specializes in creating music that will allow a crowd to go absolutely crazy and offers lyrics that truly make fans feel like they`re a part of the FlyRydaz world.   

React, is the gentleman who rounds out the group, who decided to join his brother Woodz, to make FlyRydaz a household name.   

For anyone who is interested in seeing FlyRydaz, and hearing - in person - the amazing pop sound, vibe, and lyrics that these three young men have created over time - then Massachusetts is the state to be in on August 22, 2011.   

There, at 7:00 pm, Leedz Entertainment presents Moufy (an album release party) that will have the best performers take the stage:  Yonas - FlyRydaz - Boom Vox, Bliss, Joey Mess, Deon Chase, and more.  With music by DJ Turnament, and hosted by Sly Young, this is one night you will NOT want to miss.     

FlyRydaz!  The absolute best pop band to hit the music scene in decades!  Enjoy the show!   

Until Next Tine, Everybody.

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