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Published:August 21st, 2011 16:00 EST
Judyth Piazza and R. William Holland Discuss How to Crack the New Job Market

Judyth Piazza and R. William Holland Discuss How to Crack the New Job Market

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

R. William Holland, Ph.D., a veteran human resources executive, is founder and principal of R. William Holland Consulting, LLC, specializing in career management. He is also a senior vice president at BeamPines, a leadership development, assessment, and coaching firm.

Workplace Insider Reveals How to Crack the New Job Market

Education remains important, but in ways unlike before.  Now employers want to know something besides whether you have a college degree.  Finding work today can be a demoralizing, energy draining experience and people need to learn the new rules.  In his book, CRACKING THE NEW JOB MARKET: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy (AMACOM; August 11, 2011; $17.95 Paperback), Holland helps job seekers recognize what employers really want and need.  Then, he gives them the tools to answer those wants and needs to effectively make them stand out from the competition.

CRACKING THE NEW JOB MARKET shows the unemployed and the anxiously employed how to demonstrate their potential value to prospective employers.  Backed by compelling new research and real-life success stories along with cautionary tales, Holland can speak to his strategies which include: 

·         Gathering information from sources about the specific employee qualities a targeted employer deems most important.

·         Carefully reading a job description with attention to valuable keywords and developing a résumé perfectly tailored to fill the requirements.

·         Networking effectively by maximizing social media and other sites for job leads.

·         Preparing to ace an interview by examining why a company needs to fill the job and aligning your experiences to answer potentially difficult questions.       

·         Negotiating with confidence for the compensation, benefits, perks, and job characteristics.

·         Making solid career choices, whether starting a career fresh out of college or changing career course in midlife, by focusing on more than following your passion.

·         Building value and keeping skills current while unemployed by taking classes, volunteering, or trying temporary work. 

Myth-busting and relevant, for everyone from recent college grads to recently downsized lawyers, educators, middle-managers, and senior executives, CRACKING THE NEW JOB MARKET is a highly valuable guide to gainful employment.