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Published:August 22nd, 2011 11:49 EST

Bicyclist Slapped With $1,500 Fine For Running Red Light

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York City bicyclist fought a ticket for running a red light, lost and was ordered to pay $1,500 in fines, officials say. The citation was Juan Rodriguez`s third bike ticket since March."



At first glance the ticket may seem excessive, but Rodriguez is a scofflaw who thinks that traffic laws don`t apply to bicyclists. Maybe the stiff fine will finally convince him that bicyclists aren`t exempt from obeying the rules of the road.

A bike rider who runs a red light may not pose much of a danger to a a car, in an accident between a vehicle and a bike we all know who will get the worst of it. But a speeding bicyclist who runs a red light poses a serious risk to a pedestrian, especially an elderly person who may not be able to get out of the way quickly.

It`s bad enough that this clown runs red lights, let`s just hope he doesn`t wear bicycle shorts. Amy dude who wears those hideous things should be fined $2,500 by the fashion police.

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