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Published:August 22nd, 2011 18:35 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Jon Holtz, The JACK - America's Most Stark & Electrifying Tribute To AC/DC

Judyth Piazza interviews Jon Holtz, The JACK - America's Most Stark & Electrifying Tribute To AC/DC

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Australian hard-rock/heavy-metal band AC/DC features knickers-clad guitarist Angus Young, who became as famous for mooning audiences regularly as for his gritty blues-based lead guitar and songs about sex, drinking and damnation. AC/DC`s raucous image, constant touring and raw, juvenile, yet amusing lyrics in songs like "Big Balls" and "The Jack" helped make them one of the top hard-rock bands in history. The group has remained a major concert draw, and its albums consistently go platinum despite never having had a Top 20 single in the U.S. AC/DC has sold an estimated 150 million albums worldwide, including 70 million albums in the US. AC/DC is ranked fourth on VH1`s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock and were ranked by MTV the 7th "Greatest Heavy Metal Band Of All Time".

Hailing from East Tennessee`s historic town of Greeneville, The JACK covers the complete Bon Scott era of AC/DC from 1974-1980. Formed in March 2009 by accredited Producer/Vocalist Jon Holtz (BON SCOTT) and veteran guitarist Davi Hexli (ANGUS YOUNG), in April the two were joined by seasoned musicians Mark Eades (CLIFF WILLIAMS) and Brad Wilcox (PHIL RUDD), together the four longtime friends and veteran performers began to build one of the hardest working AC/DC Tribute Acts in the U.S.. In mid May they finally found the last piece of the puzzle with local favorite Dave Hensley (MALCOLM YOUNG) and The JACK`s All Star line up was complete.

When you see The JACK in concert you walk away feeling like you have somehow been transported back in time to experience some kind of super human event. From the moment Davi Hexli hits the stage in Angus Young`s trademark "school boy" uniform and belts out the very first power chord the air seems to charge with pure raw energy. As the show goes on the electricity in the air intensifies and the crowd becomes even more bewildered by the spectacle on stage. You truly wonder how in the hell anybody could produce enough energy to put on such a powerful performance continuously for such a long stretch of time. Raw energy, quality hard core sound, endurance and pure all out showmanship is the basic formula that has equaled success for The JACK.

With every performance The JACK delivers all the blood, sweat and kinetic energy of the original 1974-1980 Bon Scott era lineup of AC/DC. From the pounded out bone crunching rhythms of Malcolm Young and the brilliantly powerful leads of Angus, to the soulful screeching vocals of enigmatic vocalist Bon Scott, bonded together by the unstoppable chug of the infamous Rudd and Williams rhythm section. The JACK has emulated a sound which melded into a virtual hard rock nuclear power plant and earned them the earmark as one of the most stark and electrifying AC/DC Tribute Acts in America.

The JACK Is Currently Working On A LIVE Performance DVD Hosting Classic Titles Based On The Theme Of AC/DC`s Infamous "Let There Be Rock" The Movie. The HD DVD will Included Live Interviews With The Band, Fans, Radio Personalities & A Few Rock n Roll Celebrity Friends. Plus, Lot`s Of Reality Show Type Behind The Scenes Bonus Footage.

Band Members:

DAVE HENSLEY as Malcolm Young

DAVI HEXLI as Angus Young

JON BON HOLTZ as Bon Scott

MARK W. EADES as Cliff Williams

BRAD WILCOX as Phil Rudd

For More Information:

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