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Published:August 23rd, 2011 14:27 EST
Bingham Willoughby: The VOICE This World Needs!

Bingham Willoughby: The VOICE This World Needs!

By Krista Boyer

Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow.  First, this should be an album you have all bought by now - it is THAT good.  Second, this is a compilation that literally brought about an epiphany.     

Bingham 1

Readers, for the past few months you and I have gotten to know the unbelievably talented man behind this musical creation.  Week after week we have explored the world of Bingham Willoughby; and week after week we have all discovered what an extraordinary mixture of intelligence, wit, charm, style, and pure talent resides in Bingham Willoughby`s soul.   

Bingham 2

I`m not only speaking about his unforgettable voice.  I am speaking about his in-depth performances with audience interaction that is beyond fun, exhilarating, and exemplary.  In fact, being a audience member at a Bingham Willoughby concert is more than a night out - it`s a gift.  I am also referring to the fact that Bingham Willoughby`s artistic talents range from knowing how to play a myriad of instruments; as well as having the  `eye` when it comes to designing all the drawings for his album art.  Nope.  Not done.  Bingham Willoughby also creates all his own videos.  And he does all this from an extremely beautiful locale in rural Canada, where he puts his other artistic talents into good use by completely renovating a farmhouse.   


So besides Bingham Willoughby being a `master of many art forms,` let`s get to the epiphany, shall we?  Last evening I was listening to yet another politico drone on and on and on AND ON, about how we are completely in debt up to our eyebrows.  Odd, isn`t it?  Considering this country was completely out of debt when a specific president left office.  But, no, this is not a political debate.  The epiphany came when the  `House` voted to delay an imminent vote; raising the ceiling of debt until they could better decide on a vote.  Sounds like a circus act, right?  

Voting to delay a vote.  Pushing your issues into another month, and frightening the world with your ineptness because, in the end, it is the people who will take the proverbial smack for the mistakes of the "powers that be.`  And it`s as if there is a lackadaisical tone to everything these people are doing and saying.  Well we`ll get to it.  Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow.  (Apparently, Scarlett O`Hara is in the Capitol Building).   

I sincerely began to wonder, as Bingham Willoughby`s music was playing in the room, why the world can not see things Bingham Willoughby`s way.  With his - Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow - Bingham Willoughby has served up a veritable menu of delights.  His songs evoke everything from discovery, triumphs, and tragedies to determination, and eventually finding oneself in a place of peace.  A place with a perfect aroma of both reward and redemption.  See that?  From music, alone, our government could learn something.  With the words, melodies, and pure sense of evolution and empowerment that listeners receive from Bingham Willoughby`s words, you feel a littler bit lighter - you breathe a little bit easier - and you find your voice.    

Enjoyment, enlightenment, pure and utter fun have become things of the past.  It`s almost as if when you crack a smile nowadays it feels as if you are from another historical time period.  People even look at you oddly as they pass by, as if trying to figure out what you could possibly be happy about.  Wars, the economy, poor education, the economy, lay-offs, the economy "the mantra goes on and on.  Even the books hitting the marketplace nowadays are focusing on sheer pain, drug addiction, or something else that certainly is not going to bring light into any of your dark corners.  And then, you turn on Bingham Willoughby`s music and listen to a voice that is infused with everything from rock to folk, to acoustic to pop and you`re reminded of Bob Dylan.  Dylan - another voice that came out of the darkness and allowed us - the people - to find our own.   

Bingham Willoughby`s vision reminds me a great deal of Dylan, simply because this is a performer who is an enigma.  He has amazing things he wants to say - he tells it like it is using a soft, calming, fun voice that makes you feel like you`re having coffee with the man and talking about life - and he mixes all of this with melodies that can honestly bring you into another world.   

Do you know what is also a remarkable fact regarding Bingham Willoughby?  The fact that his fantastic voice has the power to lead an entire society, while at the same time giving them joy.  In addition, it could be that Bingham Willoughby has a bit of the voice of his famous ancestor.  Bingham`s extreme talent for "rock` poetry could come from the fact that he is related to Richard Lovelace.  All of you are sure to have heard the words:   

Stone walls do not a prison make,

Nor iron bars a cage;

Minds innocent and quiet take

That for an hermitage

This last stanza from Lovelace`s most famous work, To Althea, From Prison, was a romantic poem written in 1642.  Lovelace actually penned the famous words while imprisoned in Gatehouse Prison.  Not to mention, Richard Lovelace had a very rough time when it came to politics.  Lovelace`s poetry was often influenced by his experiences with politics and religion; he encountered firsthand the civil turmoil that came from them both.  I can only imagine what this cavalier, fighting poet would think of today`s Heads of State.  Have we changed very much?  Perhaps the civil or religious wars have gotten better as the years have passed by, but the politics are still rampant with ridiculousness.   

It is no wonder having this historical figure in Bingham Willoughby`s background, that he can create the amazing romance that flows through many of his songs, while still keeping that voice of distinction that makes all of us sit up and listen.  In fact, it is quite possible that if Bingham Willoughby continues to  `pen` such amazing songs, that he could very well be THE voice that leads us through this dark time in history and reminds us all to enjoy the life we are blessed to have.   

Bingham Willoughby is not a jest; nor is he a passing star - he is a lightning strike that continues to effortlessly  `gift` us with honest, inspired, and emotional lyrics; everlasting and unforgettable melodies; and evocative, astounding stage performances that are unmatched by any other performer.   

Take my advice!  Follow Bingham Willoughby`s voice!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!

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