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Published:August 23rd, 2011 09:57 EST

Will Roberts & The Daily Blather: It's time for a Smoke Break with John David Cameron SafeCig

By Will Roberts

Recently, I gave my radio listeners a smoke break. Now, if you tuned into my show then you know I had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. John David Cameron.

I guess you could consider him the spokesperson for his electronic cigarette. Our conversation was very good and he had a lot of good facts about how smoking is not good for you. However, that is about as surprising as saying you run the risk of catching on fire in a burning building.  

It is always amazing to me that if you get past hello with someone you are bound to learn something you never knew, and this was no different.


Here is his bio:

It`s also good to talk to folks to see where they came from and understand why they do what they do. Mr. Cameron does what he does because smoking is very tough to kick and if you can kick it and quit, it`s something you should share because if one person can use this to fight their own addiction. You never know, if you are a person outside our country looking in, that Americans can be very helpful to you a fellow man.