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Published:August 24th, 2011 11:58 EST

Outrage: Lifeguard, 61, Fired For Refusing to Wear A Speedo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Roy Lester a former lifeguard at Jones Beach was relieved of his duties for refusing to wear a Speedo for his annual swim test. He is suing the state for age discrimination. Back in 2007, he originally filed the suit, which was subsequently dismissed from court that year and then again in 2008."


Boston Herald

An appeals court has finally granted Lester the legal right to pursue his discrimination lawsuit.

A real man doesn`t eat quiche, he doesn`t watch chick flicks, and he doesn`t wear a Speedo. A real man takes a stand when someone tries to intimidate him into doing something that runs counter to decency and commonsense.

Lester should have been allowed to wear whatever shorts made him comfortable for his annual swim test. I agree with Lester`s argument that the state is using the Speedo flap as an excuse to get rid of him because of his age.

Lester, 61, is very fit for his age, he runs and swims daily. He served his community as a lifeguard for 40 years, and it`s a shame he was fired from the job he loves.

A young dude who wears a Speedo in public should be arrested by the Fashion Police, and an older guy who wears a Speedo should be tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Lester did the right thing, morally and aesthetically, by refusing to don a Speedo.

Lester is an attorney, the state made a big mistake by picking a fight with this principled gentleman.

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