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Published:August 25th, 2011 11:37 EST

Lady Gaga Copies Madonna, She Will Kiss Marge On Episode Of 'The Simpsons'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga will appear in The Simpsons in an episode called Lisa Goes Gaga, the US show`s producers have confirmed.

The episode sees the 25-year-old visit Springfield - arriving on a Gaga Express train, no less - to cheer up Lisa, who`s been suffering from low self-esteem, and she somehow ends up locking lips with Simpsons matriarch Marge."



Lady Gaga has no shame in her game, once again she copies Madonna the Queen of Pop. At the 2003 VMA`s Madonna locked lips with Britney Spears, and now Lady Gaga feels compelled to kiss Marge Simpson. Like a typical dude I`m all in favor of two ladies locking lips, but does Lady Gaga have to copy everything that Madonna has done?

Let`s hope that Lady Gaga won`t copy Madonna`s penchant for dating younger guys; I`d hate to see Lady Gaga dating a 16-year-old kid.

The Simpsons is the most dysfunctional family on the planet, the family may not survive their interaction with Lady Gaga. Bart will probably take a pic of Lady Gaga smooching Marge, and post it on YouTube. How will Homer react? Will their marriage survive? You will have to wait until the episode is aired on Spring 2012.

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