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Published:August 25th, 2011 21:44 EST
On Stage or in Life, Jason Escape is the One You Need on Your Team!

On Stage or in Life, Jason Escape is the One You Need on Your Team!

By Krista Boyer

We have been speaking about this incredibly talented individual - Jason Escape - for the past few months now, and his story keeps getting more and more interesting as time goes on. It is always amazing when you run across someone who not only has the skill, passion, and drive in his own career, but also has the ability to take an audience to new heights - where they are lifted up so high by his power and energy that they have to look down to see the angels.

No, this is never an over-exaggeration where this man is concerned. We have announced to all of you that Jason Escape is now going to team up with another visionary by the name of Michael Mann - an expert stage manager, performer, Magic and Grand Illusionist Consultant - and, this duo will be putting on a performance that will literally blow the roof off any venue that is smart enough to put them on their stage!

Now, there are many skills that Jason Escape owns, and one of them is the amazing way he brings an audience with him during his live performances. And this week we are going to speak about an unbelievable chance that is available for resorts, hotels, and event planners to have Jason Escape become part of their team, drawing in more guests than any resort has seen in quite some time.

Jason Escape offers several techniques and services to choose from, and in each and every one of his performances, true wonder is brought into an establishment. Not to mention, the Jason Escape performance is more like a spectacular "event` - one that you have never witnessed before and will never see again. This incredible "Master of the Mind and Body,` and a reality engineer to the extreme, constantly updates, adds, and changes his performances to bring pure and utter entertainment, mysticism, and amazement to each and every crowd. In your resort - in your hotel - on your stage, Jason Escape wields the power of the unknown. His spark of energy flows as he presents everything from tarot readings, key castings, "Platonic Solids and the Vitruvian Square,` flower readings, dream interpretation, and metal bending events.

The principles of each of these gifts " to his audience are truly astounding, and resorts and hotels could see their guestbook literally fill up beyond their imaginations when they bring Jason Escape to their stage. Day and night, around the world, Jason Escape has performed for hundreds of audiences - families and adults - including each and every one of them in the pure joy, humor, fun, and extravagance he creates with his mind, body, and soul.

The Jason Escape "day event` is incredible, and families not only remember every sight - every word that was spoken - but they also remember where and when they were a part of the Jason Escape experience. His skills, his talent "nothing about Jason Escape can be placed in a box or pigeon-holed as simply a "good show.` No. With Jason Escape, the reality engineer extraordinaire, families KNOW that what they have witnessed is a once in a lifetime event! Something they will never see again - except, of course, if they head to another Jason Escape event and continue to follow this amazing artist until there are simply no gifts " left for Jason Escape to give them. (Which would be impossible, seeing as the wealth of knowledge and skills this man possesses is, quite simply, never-ending.)

The Jason Escape "night event` is perfect for cabaret style or bar style settings and is easily adaptable. Not only is this performance a huge success and remembered around the globe, but Jason Escape also brings something to the stage, and the world, that has not been seen for a very long time "entertainment. The "night event` is not only beyond belief, but it is fun! Resorts, hotels, everyone with a stage who wants to offer a performance that will intrigue, enrapture, captivate, and elevate the positive energy and the pure and utter enjoyment that their guests will be having, NEED Jason Escape to headline!

Not to mention, Jason Escape has added two new fantastical events that adults will absolutely wait in line for hours in order to be a part of. There is a "Q and A` intuitive reading performance for adults only, and a Hot & Sexy Escape Event. " With both of these fantastic gifts, " audiences are offering rave reviews, and the memories that they build with these performances are just as powerful as all the rest that Jason Escape unveils!

What people also understand, the minute they meet with Jason Escape and see the powerful spirit and energy that he holds within his soul, is that he loves helping people. One of the greatest offerings that Jason Escape has is for individual one-on-one readings. At resorts, hotels, events - Jason Escape presents his time and talent on an individual basis. He is there to sit with you, listen, and offer one of the most brilliant experiences in a person`s life. Not only does a person come away with a feeling of utter peace, and the knowledge of what is soon to become reality, but they also leave KNOWING that they have found a friend who cares in Jason Escape. His intuitive mind offers that psychic and psychological reading for individuals that answer questions, as well as being a motivational speaker and Life Purpose Counselor for every one of his clients.

As we have spoken about before, not since the "master, " Houdini, have fans been so unbelievably mesmerized by a performer. Jason Escape possesses a power that has brought back the world of illusions and magic to the masses. Jason Escape entertains and enlightens audiences around the globe by offering them intrigue, humor, entertainment, and a magical journey that they could never possibly envision until they witness this new "Houdini` perform.

I can go on and on about this incredible man for a great deal of time (and over the next few months, I will), but I do want to take this moment to really drive home one very important fact to every future resort, hotel, festival, university, audience member, or member of the media who will and SHOULD cross Jason Escape`s intuitive path. Jason Escape will thrill, awe, and amaze. He will make you laugh, gasp, and wish the magical event would never end so that you would not have to leave a place of such mystery, mysticism, and grandiose stunts. But what you really want to know, is that the absolute spark - the fire that shines from Jason Escape`s eyes - is all-consuming. This reality engineer`s passion shines through each and every moment he`s on stage or one-on-one, and brings his powerful mind and friendship to everyone. He is a master of his craft, yes. But Jason Escape is also a master at being a friend, a channel, an interpreter, and a guide through all times in people`s lives. Whether it be personal, business, family issues - this man has the power of a life coach that everyone needs. Not just on stage, but in life.

Most performers stay in the limelight and do not really "open` their gift up and lay it bare to the crowds. Yes, Jason Escape will always have his secrets and his Houdini- "esque` persona, but this is a performer who truly cares. He brings people to life! And, in this day and age, THAT is a skill that simply doesn`t exist anymore.

Resorts and hotels need Jason Escape as part of their entertainment team. If you bring him through your doors, the crowds will follow. And they will NEVER want to go home!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

Jason Escape is also available for readings online, via phone, or in person. For more information, or to thrill the crowd at your next personal, corporate event, or festival with the absolute best Escape Act on the Planet, go to: or for booking information:!/jasonescape