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Published:August 26th, 2011 09:41 EST

Cops Discover Hanky Panky At Coffee Shop Featuring A Stripper Pole

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Washington woman who police say operates a drive-thru coffee shop with a stripper pole has been charged with lewd conduct, police say.

Carmela Panico, 49, along with six of her baristas, were charged by Snohomish County prosecutors on Wednesday for doing sexually explicit dances at the coffee stand Java Jugs, reported."



The bevy of baristas weren`t exactly discreet, it doesn`t take a genius to figure out that a good time will be had by all at an establishment that features a stripper pole.

The investigation of the stand, went on for months, and included undercover work and surveillance. Even Barney Fife would have had enough evidence in a couple of days to bust this operation.

The undercover cops were out to serve and protect the community and have a good time. "Captain, I realize this investigation has gone on much longer than planned, but we`re not ready to wrap it up just yet. Give us a couple more weeks to tie things up"

The baristas are more honorable than the Edmonds Police Department, at least the ladies are up front about what they offer, while the undercover cops pretend to serve the public while they spend months drinking coffee and getting lap dances at the coffee shop.

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