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Published:August 26th, 2011 19:00 EST
When People Go Over the Deep End: Osama Bin Laden Raid Staged?

When People Go Over the Deep End: Osama Bin Laden Raid Staged?

By Donna Cavanagh

I love conspiracy theory people. I love them because as out of touch with reality as they are, they never admit they are conspiracy theory people.  They think they have uncovered the most profound truth of truths because they have a friend who knows someone high up in the secret society that has the evidence of the conspiracy.

For example: Remember, Area 51:  How many eyewitness interviews are out there? Sure, ex-employees claim to have seen aliens and they seem like reputable sources  until you find out that those ex-employees were fired for drinking three bottles of bourbon a day on the job.  But people still find proof. For example, there is a film " no a documentary that proves that aliens were taken to Area 51 and not all of them were dead. You can see the proof on You Tube. In this  one film called the Alien Interview, and  alien, of course, gives an interview in English, but in a disguised voice. I am not sure what is more unbelievable: the fact that the alien speaks English or he needs to disguise his voice. Who is he disguising it from? No one on Earth knows him unless he is going to show his big head and black eyes on camera, and if that is the case why disguise his voice?

Let`s see what other conspiracies are out there?  One of the most interesting ones is the "Moon Landing is a Fake"conspiracy. I want to believe this one--well,  because it is Charlie Sheen`s favorite-- and is there anyone more reliable than him?  The Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theory is always a popular one and oh, here is a new one on President Barak Obama that was coincidentally discovered by ultra-right-wing supporters who are still in shock that a black man could have been elected president. 

Before I go into the conspiracy, I am going to give you the link because my explanation does not do this conspiracy justice.  In fact, I gave you the link I got this from and the link of the original post in case you think the first link is a joke or I dreamed it or just made it up.  and they got it from

Okay, I am not going through all the points in this ridiculous manifesto.  While the woman who posted it might think she is intelligent and successful, I have my serious doubts. If you need proof, just go to the link.

Here are some of the major points of this convoluted conspiracy theory, but before I start, she--like the best conspiracy people--claims to have one of those friends who knows a guy who is high up and privy to top-clearance secrets. Okay, first question out of my mouth is: "Who is your guy?"  And, as expected, she can`t name him.  So, don`t publish this crap unless you are willing to name sources.

Here we go: The Osama Bin Laden raid was staged-- she knows this because of her guy.  The guy says that Bin Laden was never in the compound because he was already dead from a kidney condition that affects really inbred Saudis.  I swear; I did not make this part up.    

Apparently, the whole thing was staged because some other kook released a book about Obama`s birth certificate and that sent as she calls it, the " Obama Regime" into a panic and something big had to be done, so they forged a birth certificate and after it was released, they realized what a bad job the forger did and so they had to come up with a big distraction so no one would pay attention,  and thus the staged killing of Osama Bin Laden  was born.   Are you still with me? 

Fast forward to the 22 Seals getting killed  this month.  A horrible, tragedy that took too many courageous and young lives. This part of her fairy tale pisses me off because she cheapened these soldiers` death for her own delusions. Okay, hold onto your hats: According to this woman and her devout lunatic fringe followers, Obama killed the seals to cover up the entire fake Bin Laden incident. Although the mainstream press reported that the soldiers killed were not involved in the Bin Laden raid, she knows differently. Her reasoning is outlined in the link. As I write this stuff, I feel my stomach getting queasy so I think it`s best if you get the details from the horse`s mouth or is it the jack ass` mouth? The link mentioned above takes you there.  It amazes me that there are  people out there who are allowed to walk around free and act like sane citizens.  And why did he kill our soldiers?

The answer is so obvious: Because his regime is part of a bigger Marxist-Lenin conspiracy to bring down the freaking country. DUH!

Usually, I do not pay attention to people like these poor unfortunate unbalanced folk.  But this one caught my interest because this woman`s blog is downright scary.  In another post, she says of the passage of the  19th amendment, you know the one granting women the right to vote, "Satan has used this healthy feminine dynamic, perverted by suffrage, to systematically replace men with the government as the providers in society. A woman no longer has any need of a man. Marriage no longer serves any practical purpose. A woman can wh(o)re around and have as many fatherless children as she pleases, and Pimp Daddy Government will always be there to provide."

This woman owns a commodity brokerage firm-- so, I gotta ask: Where is your money?