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Published:August 27th, 2011 13:36 EST

Outrage: Funeral Home Loses Woman's Corpse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The daughters of an Alabama woman who died in 2010 sued the funeral home on Tuesday that handled her burial, saying it lost the body and couldn`t find it even after digging up several graves."



If a dry cleaner loses your shirt, the matter can be quickly resolved if the owner offers to reimburse you for the shirt. But if a funeral home loses the body of a loved one, offering to replace the corpse of the dearly beloved with another stiff ain`t going to work.

I`ve misplaced important documents at work, but for a funeral home employee to lose a body is a horse of a different color. If a funeral home employee treated a corpse with a modicum of respect, needless to say he would never lose a dead body.

The grieving daughters are seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. Clearly an apology from the funeral home won`t suffice, but do the daughters deserve $3 million? Would you give them the money if you were on the jury?

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