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Published:August 30th, 2011 13:00 EST
Steve Jobs is Jobless, Obama's fault?

Steve Jobs is Jobless, Obama's fault?

By Will Roberts

Will Roberts Says...Now I can tell you as an avid Mac user and a used to be PC user that this news of Steve Jobs stepping down will affect both operating systems, PC & MAC.  Now, that was code or if you are a real computer geek, "source code" (programming language for web pages) for upper management on each computer company.

See, Mac hopes they can keep going up without Jobs and Windows hopes that MAC will be looking for a Job soon.

Boy, I will tell you folks, I was hoping a few times this week to step away from politics. The bickering, the back stabbing, the one-upmanship, then I realized, who do you think funds politics... Corporate America!

I will keep my mouse clicker on this one.


Your Friend,

Will Roberts