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Published:August 31st, 2011 17:06 EST

Cow-A-Bunga: Minnesotans Going Nuts Over Cow Plop Bingo!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Minnesota city said its `cow plop bingo` event, a licensed form of charitable gambling in the state, raised about $2,000.

Cow plop bingo, known as `Cow-a-bunga` to the Minnesota Gambling Control board, involves players purchasing raffle tickets and then waiting for a cow to place its droppings in grid square corresponding to a raffle ticket number."



This game is more fun and more humane than tipping cows. Even those who think this is a crappy game, should at least be grateful that the proceeds went to charity.

Bingo usually attracts blue-haired old ladies, but I bet Cow plop bingo attracts pink-haired young girls and guys.

Parents are thrilled when their young son or daughter finally learns how to use the bathroom by himself/herself. But the parents` joy pales in comparison to the bliss experienced by the lucky dude who wins cow plop bingo because the cow pooped in his square.

Cow-a-bunga dudes, we should all play this wonderful game!

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