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Published:August 31st, 2011 10:13 EST
Ode to Governor Perry of Texas

Ode to Governor Perry of Texas

By Daniel Marsche

I am writing as a concerned citizen, who will be dealing with your presidential campaign in the 2012 election, and, because of that, I must ask you precisely what it is that you believe qualifies you to define and minimize the infinite potential of the human being to experience love and social equality? You base your arguments for the institution of a constitutionally defined marriage upon religious precepts and outdated "moral codes" derived from the Christian Bible, but what about the citizens who do not share your religious inclinations?

You have neither personally met God nor your alleged savior, Jesus, and they have most certainly not made any recent communications on a global scale that might incline anyone to believe that they were scheduling a press conference to confirm and support your ambitions. So who do you presume to be that you can take it upon yourself to "do God`s work," when he hasn`t even called you into his office? And, if you say he has, perhaps we should call the men in the white cloaks to get you in for a session of psycho-analysis.

The spirit of life cannot be contained within the minimalized cell that you have designed for it, and I dare say that you have a lot of nerve to think that your "way" is the "one and only correct way." Especially when we consider the fact that "your way" causes strife and exclusion to a vast multitude of the American populace, over whom you would like to wield your cartoon based theologies. Even while you claim to believe in God, you, yourself, minimize him and his potential to embrace the entirety of what he has allegedly created so divinely and without mistakes. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the reason homos(e)xuals exist is because nature knows better than you how much food and land there is available to sustain life? Did it ever occur to you that homos(e)xuality was nature`s way of reducing the birth rates in over populated areas?

You admittedly confess that you trust and believe in a God that can`t even manage to balance the nature of his own creations, and you want the American people to place you in the seat of our highest public position? A man is only as effective as his beliefs, Mr. Perry. He can only achieve what he believes, and he can only manifest what he believes. And you believe in a God that is limited and incapable of magnanimity. You also believe in a God who is incapable of handling his almighty business. Based upon your system of beliefs, Mr. Perry, it is all too easy to conclude that we, the American people, would likely be able to expect the very same from you and your administration: A man who lacks nobility, is wont for generosity of spirit and is incapable of handling his business.