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Published:September 1st, 2011 19:29 EST
Hurricane Irene Gives Republicans One More Reason to Blame President Obama

Hurricane Irene Gives Republicans One More Reason to Blame President Obama

By SOP newswire2

Hurricane Irene blew through the East coastland and brought many of these small town American cities to their knees. Twenty one confirmed dead and damage that will be felt and visible for years to come.

It`s events like this that make it hard for a humorist to be funny. But I also know that regardless of a situation, everyone has their job. I have always said that even if I don`t make a single one of my audience member`s laugh, I would be happy if at least one person says, "Wow, Will`s right about that."At least I know that if this humor business does not work, I could go into the preaching racket.  

Don`t get me wrong by calling preaching a racket. There are many good men and women of the Lord; good upstanding citizens that speak the Word of the Lord and then do true to their heart and not from their pocket book or with ulterior motives. Those folks, (preachers) I am not talking about them.

No, I`m talking about politicians that use the Lord as a tool to side on issues, to accentuate the negative. They say they hear God`s voice and when He speaks back, funny thing is he is always saying something that only a politician would say. Saying things that make you believe that religion was made up by someone who disagrees about a lot of things we do; who we love, how we run our lives, who we vote for...I have a feeling that if Jesus said some of the things that politicians say, He`d be answering to his Father a lot.


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Will Roberts  

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