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Published:September 4th, 2011 10:13 EST

Sarah Palin To Headline World Knowledge Forum! Say What?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sarah Palin`s added another trip to her roster: She`ll head to South Korea in October to headline the World Knowledge Forum, which runs from Oct. 11 to 13.
The organizers of the annual conference of business leaders said Thursday that the former Alaska governor is expected to discuss US leadership in the midst of global economic turmoil. Other speakers include former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Larry Summers, ex-director of President Barack Obama`s National Economic Council."
ABC News
No doubt Sarah Palin will stay in a luxury hotel in South Korea, and I`m betting she will be able to see Pyongyang from her hotel window.
Sarah Palin headlining the World Knowledge Forum` is like inviting Lindsay Lohan as the keynote speaker at the World Abstinence Forum.
This will do nothing to burnish the former beauty queen`s foreign policy credentials; she doesn`t know geopolitics from a Geo Metro.
Palin`s speech at the World Knowledge Forum  may provide fodder for the late-night comics, but I doubt that the brainiacs at the Council on Foreign Relations will be quoting from her speech for years to come.
October 11 is also the same day the GOP presidential hopefuls will be debating in New Hampshire, proof (as if any more is needed) that the reality star has no intentions of running for president.

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