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Published:September 5th, 2011 13:11 EST
Good to Be Back to the NFL: What Are The Predictions?

Good to Be Back to the NFL: What Are The Predictions?

By Ron G Anselm

The NFL season starts this Thursday with the Saints battling the Packers on a special edition of NBC`s Sunday Night Football but what teams are predicted to possibly go all the way this season? I haven`t had much time lately to watch many pre-season games but one team I think will finally show a little sign of the possibility of being a championship team are the Detroit Lions. I watched a few quarters of their last pre-season games against the Patriots and they looked like the Lions of the early 1990`s their pass rush had To Brady the quarterback for the Patriots on his back most of the game.

To be a championship team you need to have a good defensive and within that defense you need to put pressure on the quarterbacks on teams that have a high caliber offense like the Patriots and Brady. The more you hit and sack the quarterback and put pressure on him the more you rush their offense the more for potential mistake to happen like their pass game and throwing interceptions. The lions won`t be the Lions of the Barry Sanders years but they should at least make the Wild Card playoffs this year.

I think some other predictions for teams that may at least make the playoffs and some teams that may make at least a trip to the Wild Card playoffs are the Dallas Cowboys. With Tony Romo at the helm for the Cowboys they may go back to the explosive offense they once had when Troy Aikman was leading the team at quarterback and Jimmy Johnson was calling the plays. At that time the Cowboys had a good running game with Emmitt Smith tearing up the gridiron at Running Back but that was then. I am predicting the Cowboys to win their division on their passing game alone. They more than likely will not have the running game this year that they have had over the past years.

The next team I am predicting to win the NFC North is the Green Bay Packers. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and their last year`s high scoring offense still in place, the Packers should end up outscoring the Bears and winning the division. With other additions like Randall Cobb at Receiver the Packers will be able to throw the deep ball and score many touchdowns.

My next prediction is for the once Dirty Bird Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC South. With Julio Jones joining the Falcons coming from the Crimson Tide and Matt Ryan leading the Falcons at Quarterback they should be a contender this year and end up winning their division with ease.

The NFC West should go to the Arizona Cardinals. With Larry Fitzgerald coming back with his multimillion dollar contract and Kevin Kolb coming from the Eagles to take over the Quarterback position for the Cardinals the one-two punch of Kolb and Fitzgerald should turn out to be the nail in the coffin for other teams in that division. Keep an eye on the Cardinals offense this year.

I think one team that will at least make the NFC Wild Card this year is the Philadelphia Eagles. With Vick coming around at Quarterback for the Eagles they should prove to have a good offense and score a lot of points outscoring other teams in their division. The Eagles offense still needs a lot of work but they should still be able to at least make the Wild Card playoffs this year.

Another team I think will be good this year is the Jets. Even though as I write this I am dry heaving with this prediction; I think the Jets and their defense this year should prove to be dominant. I am dry heaving because as I think about the Jets, Rex Ryan and his cocky mouth come to mind. Even though Rex Ryan is already jaw jacking about how the Jets are going to roll over the teams they play with ease, I think the Jets will still have to work hard at scoring enough points this year to win games against good teams but they should still prove to win the AFC East.

One team I have always put in the same category as the 1970s Oakland Raiders with their intimidating defense and Bad Boy image are the Baltimore Ravens. When I think of the Ravens and their defense I think of Ray Lewis and his tough and bone crushing style of play. I have always picked the Ravens to be a contender every year ever since I lived in Baltimore from 2000 " 2004 and this year for the Ravens should prove to be the same team as those past years. The Raven will win the AFC North this year with ease.

Another team that should be a good team this year and possibly win the AFC South is the Houston Texans. Over the past few years the Texans have become better and better and are showing more signs of even more improvement this year. The Texans still need to improve their defense and with the Colts over the last couple of years being inconsistent on going all the way and taking the division, the Texans may prove to edge the Colts to the division win by just a hair.

Another team that is being predicted to win the AFC West are the Kansas City Chiefs. I think the Chiefs need to keep rebuilding both their offense and defense to be able to be a dominant team as they once were in the early 1980s, so I am going to take my favorite team from that division the Oakland Raiders to win the AFC West even though the Raiders are like a big jig saw puzzle, they need to keep putting the pieces together to be able to be the once feared Oakland Raiders that stomped on just about every team they played, they should still prove to make the playoffs this year and when the AFC West even though they are also in the rebuilding stage. They have made a lot of changes on defense and have said they are going to play this year like the once aggressive defenses of the past during their winning years of the 1970s and 1980s.

At this point of my predictions, I would love to be able to pick who will win the Super Bowl this year but right now that would be like trying to predict the weather over the next ten years. It is impossible. Some choices though of who I think will stand a chance of going all the way this year are once again the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, possibly the Steelers and Cowboys and maybe but this is a long shot, the New England Patriots.

But that is one of many reason I love the NFL and the game of football so much, it is a lot like the weather, the season and team can change at any second. Hang on tight, this year in the NFL should prove to be like a roller coaster ride.