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Published:September 5th, 2011 11:57 EST

Outrage: New York City Stores Already Have Christmas Decorations

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New York retailers are taking advantage of the upcoming Halloween holiday in order to push Christmas merchandise as early as September, retail analysts say.

Stores throughout Manhattan are already showcasing Christmas ornaments and decorations in their window displays, the New York Post reported Saturday."



I don`t think I`m a Scrooge for complaining that when the temperature is still in the high 80`s, and the leaves haven`t fallen yet, it`s too damn early to even be thinking about Christmas.

If the stores in the city where I live were already decorated for the Christmas holiday, by the time Christmas Day finally arrives I will have turned into an evil Santa that would make Billy Bob Thornton`s portrayal of Santa look like a freakin` boy scout.

I`m not declaring a war on Christmas, but I won`t patronize any stores that already have the Christmas spirit.

Christmas shoppers may want a head start on the holidays, but Labor Day is a bit too early to start decorating for Christmas.

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