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Published:September 6th, 2011 13:00 EST

Many Voters Still Think Obama Wasn't Born In USA! Birth Certificate A Forgery?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A new poll of Republican voters in the early primary state of South Carolina suggests the question of Barack Obama`s eligibility is no fringe issue, as 65 percent of those polled question whether the current occupant of the Oval Office was even born in the U.S.


The automated telephone survey of 750 usual South Carolina Republican primary voters was conducted by the Democratic polling company,PublicPolicyPolling, from Aug. 25-28.

According to PPP`s published results, when asked, "Do you think Barack Obama was born in the United States?" 44 percent answered `no` and an additional 21 percent answered `unsure` " a total of 65 percent questioning his birthplace " leaving only 35 percent who answered definitively `yes.`"

Drew Zahn/WND

The results of this survey are shocking and they don`t bode well for President Obama`s chances of winning re-election.

The economy doesn`t show any signs of significantly improving before the 2012 election. Obama can`t run on his accomplishments on the home front, he inherited a bad economy and succeeded only in making it worse.

This time around Obama can`t blame Bush for all of the nation`s woes. The dreadful economy is an albatross around his neck, he owns it lock, stock and barrel.

Obama can run only on his character and moral authority, but the results of this poll indicate that most Republicans don`t trust him. Obama will need the votes of Republicans and Independents to win re-election.

There are still many doubts about the legitimacy of the Obama administration. Why did Obama spend millions to keep his long-form birth certificate from seeing the light of day? Why didn`t Obama make his original long-form birth certificate available to experts?  Why did he release only a computer generated copy, instead of the actual birth certificate? Why hasn`t Obama released his medical records? Why hasn`t he released the transcripts from the prestigious universities he attended?

Obama is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and enveloped in arrogance.

There are many questions that haven`t been answered about Obama`s biography -- this liberal may sit out the 2012 presidential campaign.

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