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Published:September 7th, 2011 19:41 EST
Maria: Tropical Depression 14

Maria: Tropical Depression 14

By SOP newswire2 reports weather systems from the tropics will continue to pose the threat of heavy rain and flooding problems for the Atlantic Seaboard through mid-September.

Current indications are that at least two more systems have a shot at wandering close enough to the east coast of North America to bring heavy rainfall to troubled areas dealing with flooding.

The next two names on the list of tropical cyclones in the 2011 Atlantic season are Maria and Nate.

Hurricane and Tropical Weather Coordinator Dan Kottlowski states that an area in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and Tropical Depression 14 in the central Atlantic are concerns.

"One or both of the systems has a window of opportunity to reach the Eastern U.S.," Kottlowski said.

A system is expected to brew over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico this week in the shadow of parent storm Lee.

"Steering flow in the region could allow this feature to wander northeastward this weekend into next week," Kottlowski said.

At the same time, steering flow over the central Atlantic could guide T.D. 14 farther west than Katia, perhaps bringing it close to or over the southern Atlantic coast later in the month.

There is a risk for two back-to-back rainmakers along the Atlantic Seaboard around the middle of the month.

"Given how wet things are or will continue to get this week in the wake of Irene, and then Lee, the worst-case scenario is we have renewed flooding from one or both systems, even without measuring the strength of both features in terms of wind and wave action," Kottlowski added.

Irene brought flooding to parts of the Northeast. Lee has flooded part of the Southeast and will bring flooding to part of the Northeast. Even in the wake of both systems, streams and rivers will remain high, setting the stage for more trouble with flooding if any tropical system wanders nearby.

Even though Katia will likely re-curve well to the east of the Atlantic Seaboard, this does not mean that people in the same area should let their guard down for the balance of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season.

The overall weakness in the Bermuda High that developed in mid-August remains.

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for