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Published:September 7th, 2011 14:02 EST

Tony Bennett: Lady Gaga The Most Talented Artist Ever! Is He Senile?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jazz legend Tony Bennett has hailed Lady Gaga as the queen of talent and claims that she is the most talented person he`s ever met."


Tony Bennett is a musical icon, a living legend, a talented painter, a role model, an inspiration from everyone from teens to senior citizens, and one of the most admired artists in show business.


But he`s not a comic, which can only mean that he`s senile. Only a deluded soul who is completely bonkers would declare that Lady Gaga is the most talented person he`s ever met.

Bennett has collaborated with many pop legends like Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder, in one of his lucid moments he should apologize to them.

Lady Gaga is like bright pink cotton candy, it`s fun to eat the snack but it won`t fill your stomach. Listening to Lady Gaga you realize that she has undeniable talent, but her garish costumes, silly shenanigans and her penchant for stealing the music of other artists make a mockery of what talent she does have.

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