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Published:September 8th, 2011 10:30 EST
A Lot More Zing!  Welcome Taria - The Next Big Thing in Music!

A Lot More Zing! Welcome Taria - The Next Big Thing in Music!

By Krista Boyer
A Habit of You

Hello readers!  I have got some seriously fantastic news for all of you out there.  I was just introduced to a new singer who is in the  `studio` and just about finished with her debut album; and I have got to tell you, this lady is about to be the next  `sensation` to hit the country music world.   

Now, don`t get me wrong, Taria is not a new face or voice to the industry.  In fact, Taria was singing her heart out and gathering fans to her side when she was just a young girl.  An amazing piece of history?  Taria, at the age of only fifteen, made her debut at the biggest country venue in the world!  She stood up on the stage at the Grand Ole` Opry and unleashed the power of her truly incredible voice.  And only months later, while Taria was on yet another legendary Nashville stage - Nashville Palace - singing to awestruck fans, she caught the eyes and ears of Columbia recording artist, Vern Gosdin, and performed with this incredible man for the next year of her life.     

Just to give you all a bit of info, Vern Gosdin was a beloved country music singer, who had inherited that soulful honky-tonk style of Merle Haggard.  Gosdin`s nickname was The Voice by his peers, and when he and Taria teamed up - The Voice had most definitely found The Next Voice. 

While most teenagers are bored, Taria, around the age of sixteen, found herself with another great opportunity by receiving an invitation to be the show opener for Lorrie Morgan. Oddly enough, Morgan made her first appearance on the Grand Ole` Opry stage at age thirteen, so these two country music  `queens` had something in common.   

A Memories Of Conway show was Taria`s next engagement in the country music world, where she performed the great Loretta Lynn`s portion of the show in venues all across the United States. But soon, it came time for Taria to step out on her own, and release that magnificent voice to listeners and fans who wanted desperately to hear the Next Big Thing.    

From touring the country and playing clubs and casino`s from Las Vegas to Florida, Taria shone as the best new singer that country music had to offer.  Any audience member can almost feel the glow of exhilaration coming off of Taria when she`s on stage.  You can feel the passion she has for her live audiences, and her truly dynamic delivery and electrifying stage presence awes the crowd everywhere she goes.   

I am truly excited about being given the opportunity to meet and get to know this incredible singer.  In fact, I have been pouring over Taria`s songs and I can not stop humming, The Next Big Thing!  Talk about a perfect title to use to sum up this soon-to-be country music headliner!   

Jealousy has also reared its ugly head where I`m concerned once again. Why?  Because Taria and her incredible band hit the stage EVERY Monday night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Whiskey Bent Saloon in Nashville.  Now, for those of you who have been asleep, I`ve come across this venue before; and the reviews and sparkling entertainment this amazing location provides is incomparable to any other.     

I can`t tell you enough about the Whiskey Bent Saloon, except that the atmosphere is fun, relaxing, laid back, and - above all - offers the best live country music on the planet.  And Taria is there - live and in person - once a week!  (Again, I have got to find a way to become a millionaire so I can get that private jet in my backyard in order to get to these places where I absolutely have to go!)   

Now, I already know (and each and every one of you is about to find out) that Taria is the ultimate country singer who has been missing in the world for far too long, and her live performances are a true experience to be a part of for all her lucky fans.  However, another thing that should definitely be mentioned is the size of Taria`s heart.  This is a woman who was a part of CITY OF DREAMS, a project that came about in 2010 when Nashville and the state of Tennessee experienced historical flooding that took many lives and created over a billion dollars worth of damage.  As usually happens with country singers - performers and artists came out of the woodwork in order to give their time, energy, and talent to raise money to help bring Tennessee back from this monumental disaster.  And Taria was one of those incredible people.   

CITY OF DREAMS:  Artists for Tennessee Flood Relief was written by the 2010 CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Victoria Banks, and all the proceeds went to the American Red Cross, in order to help everyone who had been affected by the horrific event.  Taria took her talent, skill, energy, vitality, and heart and soul and threw it all in with the other amazing country performers.  As I said before, this is one lady who fans and readers will flock to once they hear her incredible voice, or even see one of her outstanding performances.   

Another amazing piece of information to get the heart racing?  Taria, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, is actually in the studio right this second working on her debut album and, if my readers are all as smart as I think they are, they will head to and begin listening and enjoying the heck out of some of the snippets that Taria is offering on her site.  Talk about whetting your appetite with a truly fantastic singer - Taria will soon release that CD which promises to be unforgettable and tremendously pleasurable all at the same time!   

Stay tuned!  The Next Best Thing has a line that speaks about this world needing a lot more zing.  Let me tell you right now, over the next few months we will all be getting to know Taria and finding out that this country music singer is, quite literally, the Queen of the Zing   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

For more information, go to:!/tarianashville



(The above is a great interview with Taria, folks. 

What you see is what you get!  

And this is one artist where you get a true "gift!`)




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Ric Web Productions
9 Music Square South Suite 118
Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: (615) 430-2344