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Published:September 8th, 2011 17:59 EST
"Republicans are in the way of Jobs" with Will Roberts & Richard A. Fowler

"Republicans are in the way of Jobs" with Will Roberts & Richard A. Fowler

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By Richard Fowler

Where are the jobs? That is the question everybody is asking, no matter what political affiliation you subscribe to. The question that we should be asking ourselves is how do we create the jobs? To answer that question we have to find a sure fire way to create jobs and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had it right.

When Roosevelt took office our country was out of money and out of luck, but Roosevelt, with clear determination, brought both luck and wealth back to the country through smart investments in America`s infrastructure. Democrats have tried their hardest to return jobs and hope to this country, but unfortunately Republicans want to protect the interest of their millionaire friends and stand in the way of creating jobs in America.  What they don`t understand is the only way to bring jobs back to America is by investing in America`s greatest resource, its people.  

The only way to create jobs is by making investments in educations so teachers can return to the classroom, in health care so nurses can continue to take care of our sick and on roads and infrastructure so our construction workers can continue constructing some of the best roads and rails the world has ever seen. For these types of investments to happen we need leaders that understand the importance of investing in our countries future right now.  

When Republican politicians slash our investment in our communities, they lay off Americans who keep our country running. This takes away breadwinners from our families and customers from our businesses -- and that means less hiring and fewer jobs everywhere. 

Sadly, Republicans and their tea party allies truly believe that we can slash our way to job creation and economic growth. The theory they subscribe to makes no sense, have you ever heard of a situation where something is slashed or dissolved and it creates more of what was cut originally, I think not. Even if this theory was to be true, one would hope this theory`s subscribers would believe in equal cuts across the board but that`s not true either. Over the past year we have seen individuals who came to Washington to create jobs, stand in the way of job creation. Out of all the bills that have come out of the House of Representatives not one has created jobs for working Americans. According to Republicans, we must depend on small businesses to create jobs, but these businesses cannot create jobs if all their customers (teachers, nurses, firefighters and police officers) are losing theirs.  

Whether you agree with this rationale, we can all agree that we need to get our economy back on track. Since taking office President Obama, over time, has grown the GDP by 8% and created nearly 2.9 million jobs.  We can all agree with the American mantra of doing big things " and if we do, then you would want to see our President succeed, because if he fails, we fail.  

The fact is we need our government to create a pro-jobs policy whether that comes in the form of government investment or a balance approach to tax reform. It`s time to stop playing politics with the economy and start focusing on putting Americans back to work. 

Richard. Fowler is a political strategist, image consultant in Northern Virginia and a writer for He can be reached at his website, Follow him on Twitter @Richardafowler. 


Richard A. Fowler: 

Up-and-coming democratic political strategist and image consultant Richard Fowler is a political action committee director, a local advocate for young professionals and middle class families, a transportation columnist and expert, a former campaign manager, and proud member of the Young Democrats of Virginia and America. 

Aside from advocating for transportation reform, Mr. Fowler`s passion is empowering young people and middle class families to get involved in the political process and make it work for them. 

A native of Fort Lauderdale via Chicago, Richard began his political career at a young age when he went with his mother to vote for President Bill Clinton. After the election of Bill Clinton, Richard began his exploration into America`s political process. Soon he became a volunteer for Janet Reno in her attempt to be governor of Florida. By getting involved in the race, Richard heeded the call to advocate for everyday Americans. 

Part of Richard`s vision is to create opportunity so that all Americans can work toward the American Dream " afforded to his family. Coming from humble beginnings, Richard`s single mother is a registered nurse and instilled in him a belief in God and helping others. This promise from mother to son ingrained Richard with a passion for people.  

Richard further embraced the political process by being instrumental in registering over a thousand youth voters in Florida in 2004. Richard was also a campaign manager in the District of Columbia in 2008. 

A columnist for Zebra Magazine and Founder and Director of PHOENIX FREEDOM PAC, Richard is a member of the School Performance Team at the DC Public Charter School Board, former executive director of the Virginia Young Democrats Annual Conference, member of the City of Alexandria Arts Commission, member of the Young Professionals in Transportation and a Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership. 

Richard is a proud recipient of a Bachelor of Science in economics and a Bachelors of Arts in international affairs from the George Washington University. In addition, Richard received a Graduate Certificate in project management from Georgetown University. 

Richard is the founder and director of FAR CONSTRUCTS LLC an image and grassroots messaging firm, since the firm`s inception Richard has been an invaluable resource to young candidates and a political appointments alike. His work has resulted in the election of the youngest member of the Kansas City, Missouri city council. 

As a democratic strategist, political fundraiser and image consultant, Richard has been featured on Fox News Channel and various radio programs in Chicago, Atlanta and the District of Columbia. Richard is based in Alexandria, Virginia. - -Political Strategist and Image Consultant. Follow him on Twitter@Richardfowler.


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