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Published:September 9th, 2011 12:28 EST

Amateur Stripper With Admirable Work Ethic An Inspiration To Americans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Florida said they arrested a woman who took off her clothes and asked for money at a gentlemen`s club, despite not being an employed strip(p)er.

Investigators said Natalie Behnke, 25, of Clearwater, asked customers for money while dancing nude Tuesday night at the Baby Dolls club in Clearwater and allegedly tried to fight with exotic dancers when she was asked to leave the club."



Behnke has a rap sheet as long as her lovely legs, which severely limits the places where she can find employment.

I admire this beautiful woman`s initiative, she didn`t let petty considerations, like not being an employee of the strip club, get in the way of making an honest buck.

Behnke realized that her talents would be appreciated by the patrons of the Baby Dolls club, so she stripped and danced to the delight of the customers.

Unfortunately, Behnke`s gyrations weren`t appreciated by the exotic dancers, and she was asked to leave.

The gorgeous young lady has a strong work ethic, she refused to leave until her customers were satisfied. The cops were called, and they unceremoniously escorted her out of the club.

This hard-working lady is an example and inspiration for the millions who are looking for a job.

We should all follow her example, and go where our talents will be appreciated, and not let the haters diminish our joy of doing a job to the best of our abilities.

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