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Published:September 9th, 2011 11:15 EST
Battling Tough Times

Battling Tough Times

By Sophie Akinyi

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. This is solely because when one is asleep the body utilizes all the food that he/she had eaten that day, hence waking up on an empty stomach.

The common type of food that most Kenyan`s especially those residing in urban towns eat for breakfast is tea. The reason being it is the country`s primary export and it`s readily available.

Sugar sweetens tea among other drinks. For some reason the country is facing a scarcity of this commodity. The price of sugar has been steadily increasing for the past three months. The steady increase has however taken a whole new turn. A kilogramme of sugar which retailed at Shs.90 now goes for Shs.230; which is causing many to adopt new ways to sweeten their tea.

The few people who earn an average income are the one`s finding themselves on sugar shelves in supermarkets. Others have designed new ways of coping with high sugar prices. Absurd as it may sound; people are buying sweets and using them as a substitute for sugar in their tea. The remaining masses apply honey on bread and take it with sugarless tea while a bigger percentage give up the sugar altogether.

There is however no signs of these prices coming down anytime soon as the country is the middle of a crisis. It started with the ICC case, then to sugar prices and now the ongoing teacher`s strike.

Tough times have certainly called for desperate measures. But as the saying goes: "if it doesn`t kill you, it makes you stronger." Many Kenyans will continue wearing a happy face despite their woes. People are however positive that things will get better soon.