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Published:September 9th, 2011 11:08 EST
In Memory of 9/11: Transcendental Poetry

In Memory of 9/11: Transcendental Poetry

By Ed Roberts

Transcendental Poetry


A simple man`s prayer that through these words

People will realize that there are some things that we should never allow ourselves to forget


The Day the Storm Came


I heard a distant thunder

That came before the storm

The sky was clear

The sun shown bright

Yet the darkest day we shall remember



In an instant

A tick of a clock

That hung upon the wall

All was quiet

And in the midst of this silent storm

All were cloaked in its horror


Where children played

And many started their day

We saw but what was left

And heard their cries

A sight beyond belief

Greeted those still alive

No one remained untouched


But there were heroes made this day

Reaching out in every way

And sometimes with broken hands

They held on to those

Who otherwise might slip away

Refusing to submit

To the evil that struck this place


In the torrents that followed

Of rain and pain

So many stood against the storm

Keeping the flicker of hope alive

Even when the darkness came

Knowing that chances were slim

And even when there was no chance at all


Though the storm inside us continues

And would tear us all apart

We shall stand against this deluge

United as one people

Joined together

By our hearts


Ed Roberts 4/27/95


May we someday be able to understand

And possibly learn to forgive

But never let us forget



The Child Inside



There lives a child


Torn apart

He hears all the tears

That the mothers and fathers cry

In the dark

After they have put their children

Into the ground

He feels the heartache

As husbands and wives

Have to try and explain

Why it is

That mommy or daddy

Will never be coming home again


He looks upon the devastation

That used to be

Such a beautiful city

And is choked inside

From the smoke

He shares the eagle`s cry

As it raises itself

From the ashes

He faces the rage

That swirls around him

So many lives were taken

Surely someone has to pay


He screams

From the bottom of his lungs

Not even knowing

What it would possibly take

To make this living nightmare

Just go away

And yet

He is but a child

A small piece of a puzzle

Inside this shell

That so many refer to

Simply as



Maybe someday

He will grow to understand

Or maybe someday

God will send an angel

To kiss away the tears

But until then

I will have to learn

How to live with the noise

And comfort him all that I can


He is such an important part of me

That lives in a not so small room

That is unfortunately positioned

Right next to my heart


Ed Roberts 9/28/01



Prick Me, Shall I Not Bleed


Prick me

Shall I not bleed

Tickle me

Will I not laugh

Poison me

Shall I not die

Wrong me

Shall I not revenge


A young girl

Straps a bomb

Straps it to her tender young body

Walks into a crowd of strangers

And five seconds later

All are bathed in her blood

Bathed in the hate of her fathers

And their fathers before them


Prick me

Shall I not bleed



Who should be playing in schoolyards

Are sitting quietly

As supposed teachers

Fill their minds

Not with stories of hope

But of lies

And anger

To breed yet another generation

Just like themselves


Poison me

Shall I not die


Men board planes


Disguised as friends

They laugh with children

With people sitting in the seats next to them

Smiling at those all around them

Knowing that in moments

They shall drag all of them

Drag them down into their world of hate


Wrong me

Shall I not revenge


All of this for what

Who gets to sit on the right hand of God

A God that no longer recognizes your face

Because it is so covered with the blood of others

A God of love

Keeper of all children

Is this the gift you would offer up to Him



Kill your children

Save them from becoming the monsters

The monsters that you yourselves have become

It is a far better fate

Than what you are building today


If this seems too cruel to you

You have but three choices


Kill each other


Kill yourselves


Or change


Prick me

Shall I not bleed


Tickle me

God let us all remember how to laugh


Poison me

Shall I not die


Wrong me


Ed Roberts