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Published:September 10th, 2011 11:37 EST

World's Greatest Invention: Remote Control Auto-Mutes Annoying Celebs Like Snooki

By Robert Paul Reyes

We are deeply thankful to the inventors whose wonderful creations have simplified and enriched our lives. We would be living like primitives without the microwave oven, the back scratcher, the Snuggie and the dishwasher.


But Matt Richardson has invented the greatest device of all time: A remote control that will automatically mute the TV when certain celebs and bimbos are mentioned.

"When Matt Richardson works from his home in Brooklyn, New York, he likes to keeps the TV on to stay informed, but some celebrity or another is always taking up airtime and bugging him.

`A while ago it was Charlie Sheen. And then it was Sarah Palin. And then it was Donald Trump,` said Richardson, who is a video producer for Make Magazine. `And after a while I realized there`s sort of always someone who I don`t really want to hear about.`"


I always have my TV on CNN or MSNBC while I`m online writing an essay. I could be working on an editorial on geopolitics or climate change when a story about Sarah Palin or Lindsay Lohan comes on; I become so discombobulated that it`s almost impossible to get my train of thought back.

I am deeply grateful to Richardson, thanks to his magical remote, I may finally write a Pulitzer Prize worthy essay. I can`t tell you how many times the mention of Snooki or Paris Hilton derailed a potentially great article.

Unfortunately, Richard`s invention won`t be commercially available, but he will publish the code on his blog.

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