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Published:September 12th, 2011 19:59 EST

Sci-Fi Readers Applaud 'The Alternative' by Richard Dante!

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"The greatest experience of all time, best sci-fi horror ebook ever! Read on!"    

Great story! I could not close until I finished "

The Alternative,  Horror-Gothic, by Richard Dante

In the not too distant future, the world is threatened with drought and starvation. Washington`s elite are invited to a mysterious gala at a giant old movie house. There, they become part of the entertainment, and meet the Primagnon, a more-than-human being, who offers...The Alternative. 

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Other works by Richard Dante

Oberon`s Gift, A Political Fantasy

I loved this book because it had no graphic s(e)x, no violence, and was  well written. "

For centuries, the Good Fairies of Neverneverland, have used their magic to push worthy humans to power and fame. Then, in 1982 they send their emissary, Oberon, to contact George Bertram Potter, a brilliant political science graduate student. What follows is a light-hearted romp though the halls of show business and politics. 

PAX, Sci-fi Fantasy, by Richard Dante

Appalled by the violence that rocks the world, brilliant young scientist Dr. Warren Peace, sets out to do something about the turmoil. He develops a gaseous compound similar, but more effective than, marijuana and calls it PAX. What starts as a light hearted tale turns serious as he travels to Africa and Iraq to view war and terrorism first hand. Though he meets resistance from the Pentagon and others, ultimately the President pushes to use PAX to pacify the middle east as the first step ...

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About the Author:  Richard Dante Hardaway Is a Graduate of UCLA, creator of thousands of TV commercials and TV spokesman who has written and published numerous short stories and these three novels. For more information see:


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