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Published:September 13th, 2011 13:54 EST

'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Shows Off Her Hideous New Tattoo

By Robert Paul Reyes

`Jersey Shore` star Snooki showed off her new tattoo on Twitter. The large tat on her upper arm features a crown on top of a pink bow.

The orange-hued Munchkin isn`t into subtlety or nuance, her tattoo is garish, huge and hideous. More power to the pint-sized reality star, her new tattoo perfectly compliments her huge boobs, orange face and tacky wardrobe.


Snooki isn`t quite as dumb as she looks, when somebody asked her "Why do you look orange?", she replied "Because I am." Stupid question, smart answer!

I don`t hate Snooki, I would hook up with her, if she kept her tattoos hidden, and her mouth shut.

Click link for pic of tattoo:

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