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Published:September 13th, 2011 13:21 EST

Taliban Justified In Attacking US Embassy In Afghanistan!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Taliban gunmen armed with suicide bombs and heavy weaponry Tuesday launched coordinated attacks in Kabul, targeting NATO`s headquarters, the US embassy and the Afghan intelligence agency."



There were no casualties among US personnel at the American embassy.

Secretary of State Hillary Cllinton waxed indignant saying: American will not be cowed and will continue to work in Afghanistan.

Clinton dismissed the Taliban as "cowards", but they demonstrated exemplary courage attacking an outpost of the most powerful nation on Earth.

The NATO headquarters, the US embassy and the Afghan intelligence agency are legitimate military targets, and any impartial observer would have to sympathize with the Taliban. If Obama or any other member of his administration does a photo-op in Kabul, they would also be legitimate targets and the Taliban would be justified in trying to take them out.

The Taliban is a Neanderthal organization, but we are clearly in the wrong trying to impose our will on a nation that doesn`t have a history or desire for democracy.

Hillary says that we will continue to "work" in Afghanistan, we`ve done enough "work" (killing of civilians) in that godforsaken part of the world. It`s time to do the right thing, and pull our troops out of Afghanistan.

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