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Published:September 14th, 2011 18:42 EST
Mitt Romney for President?

Mitt Romney for President?

By Will Roberts


Now, some people think if Mitt Romney got in as president it might change the way the country is being Run. Spiritually I mean. 

If you folks don`t know it, Romney is a Mormon, which means nothing, really. Unless we have a major attack on the country and then our President (Romney) would be getting all his family members and heading to the well stocked basement that every Mormon has when the world ends.

Is this bad? Well a positive way to look at this is, he believes in being prepared. But would he share that space with folks outside his church? 

I really need to look into the Mormon faith. I have several friends that are Mormon and I hope these questions don`t offend them. After all now is better than during the elections. 

It will be interesting to see if the left attacks Mr. Romney about his Religion the same way the right did with Obama and Rev. Wright during the 08 elections. 


Your Friend, 

Will Roberts