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Published:September 14th, 2011 14:26 EST

Officials In A Small Town Drop Plans To Change Name Of Stoner Avenue

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials in a Minnesota town have shelved plans to change the name of Stoner Avenue, despite having about 15 of the street`s signs stolen each year.

The avenue was named for 19th century area surveyor Marcus Stoner but in today`s vernacular a `stoner` is someone who frequently smokes marijuana."



City officials changed their minds after residents complained that changing the name of the street would force them to update their driver`s licenses and other important documents.

I`m not surprised that pot heads would seek to steal the Stoner street signs, but I`m surprised their plans came to fruition.

Stoner #1: Dude, let`s steal a Stoner street sign.

Stoner #2: Dude, that would be awesome, but let`s smoke a few joints and finish watching the Brady Bunch marathon.

Stoner #1: (Ten joints later) OK, let`s get going, do we have everything we need?

Stoner #2: Yeah, dude. I got a bag full of chips and donuts, and oh yeah a shovel

Stoner #1: (After walking for a couple of minutes) I`m tired, the Brady Bunch marathon still has a few hours to run, let`s go back to my crib.

Stoner #2: Radical idea dude, we still have plenty of weed.

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